Large Format 4X5 Field View Camera ShenHao TZ45-IIB KIT

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    Great set here for anyone who wants to do landscape/architectural photography with a large format 4x5 field view film camera. It is set up for wide shots with a 90mm lens and wide bellows. Lots of extras below.

    Kit contains.

    ShenHao TZ45-IIB 4×5 Camera
    Wide Angle Bellows
    Monocular Reflex Viewer
    Fujinon 90mm f5.6-f64 lens
    Shutter Release
    Horizon 4x Loupe by KMZ
    Darkslide Changing Bag
    Light Cover With Velcro
    Ilford Film FP4 (around 25 slides) dated June 1996

    Looking for £975 posted



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