Macro Lens/ Extension Tube for Nikon D80

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    Oct 31, 2006
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    I have had FujiFine Pix S5200 as my first camera. I bought a macro lens and was able to shoot pretty well with it, much like the photo (link below). I would like to graduate to a semi-pro DSLR camera now and I am thinking of buying Nikon D80. I would like to have your views on this $1299 camera.

    In addition, I like to do Nature Photography and macro photography. The Nikon has a 18-135 mm lens. Would I be able to do macro photography with this lens much the way I did with Fuji? Getting images like:

    Or should I buy an extension tube(s)? Any suggestions which kind of tubes would get me the "macroness" as in the photo?

    Thanks in advance!


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