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    So i just returned from 9 months backpacking around Asia and of course, I have an enormous amount of photos to go through and to edit. When I realized that storage space wasnt going to be a problem in the last few months I started to shoot in RAW.

    I normally use Photoshop CS2 on a Mac that runs OS X 10.4 but this older version of photoshop doesnt support the RAW files. I was thinking of investing in Lightroom due to the amount of photos i have to go through and organize and think it would help my workflow. I tried to download the trial of Lightroom but it requires a more advanced operating system. Can I not even get lightroom because i only have OS X 10.4?

    I really need to go through the RAW photos but dont have any kind of processor....I cant find my cd that came with the D90...is there a recommended downloadable RAW processor?

    I really appreciate any help or recommendations,

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    Go to www.nikonusa.com and you can download the software (View NX) that's on the missing disc.

    An alternative is to go to www.Adobe.com and download their DNG converter.

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