35mm film

  1. doitben

    Nikon f3

    hello people. I recently bought a Tokina RMC 35mm-105mm f/3.5-4.3 thinking it would fit my nikon f3 but it doesn't. Any knowledge on this lens and its mount type? I tried looking for info myself but only get "for sale" links. and the only info i did come across says it is a Pentax K mount...
  2. Mky2k

    Questions on Chinon CE-4

    I just received the Chinon CE-4 that I had ordered and have some questions on it after loading the film. (Keep in mind this is my first film camera- also my first actual good 'camera'- so somethings may be very basic). 1. When I was loading the film, I had already pulled the film advance lever...