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Feb 2, 2016
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I just received the Chinon CE-4 that I had ordered and have some questions on it after loading the film. (Keep in mind this is my first film camera- also my first actual good 'camera'- so somethings may be very basic).
1. When I was loading the film, I had already pulled the film advance lever multiple times and pressed the shutter release as indicated in the instruction manual to get the frame counter to 1. But I was confused about something, so I took the film out and put it back in, and then went through the process again (to get the number back to 1). Is that going to negatively affect my camera/the roll of film? (Bc a lot of the film was already pulled out and I rewinded it back into the canister, then pulled it out and reloaded it)
2. I twisted the film rewinding knob a lot, but it never really stopped, as I read it should. There was some resistance after I had twisted it for a little, but with a little bit more power it would continue to move. I twisted it a lot before I took out the film (as I said in number 1) but since I put the film back the 2nd time I've stopped twisting it when it gets somewhat taut. I've twisted it until it's taut before, then messed with the camera for a few minutes and been able to twist it again when it loosened up. Is this good? I thought you only had to do it once but I'm able to twist it multiple times to get it to be taut.
3. I can't move the ASA film speed dial and right now it's stuck at 64, but I'm using 400 ISO (which if wikipedia is correct is equivalent to 400 ASA). I'm thinking that the film may need to be out for the dial to be moved (as I had somehow moved it before) but if I open the back of the camera to take the film out the counter resets, and this may be a problem as I have already taken 2 pictures to try and test it (the counter is on 3, and it'd go back to 1 even though there are pictures on the 1st and second frames). What should I do?
4. I had the shutter speed set to auto when I tested out the two pics, and when I took them, something slid and covered the viewfinder, making it black (I'm assuming this was the shutter), and it wouldn't go back until I moved the dial again. Isn't auto supposed to find the best shutter speed? I want to take more pictures to test out the shutter speeds but I'm scared of doing anything else with this camera to be honest.

I'm sorry if any of this sounded extremely dumb, which I'm sure some of it did, I'm just extremely confused on everything and want to make sure I'm not messing up my camera. Any help is extremely appreciated!!
Also- I'm new to this site, and created my account to ask these questions, as I figured the people on here may know. But I plan to continue on using the site, as I'm sure some of the stuff talked about here will come up with me as I begin to learn more.
Welcome to TPF.

READ YOUR MANUAL....Here is a link for the manual in case you do not have one. Chinon CE-4 camera manual, instruction

1. Don't know what the confusion was? You loaded the film got it to 1, start taking pictures.

2. It will spin for as long as want to rewind it, once the resistance is gone, the film is all the way into the cartridge and ready to take out of camera for processing. You should have some resistance,
that means the film has been properly loaded. After loading the fresh roll, the only taughtness you want is a slight turn of the rewind knob to take up any slack. Your thinking way to much about this. Stop fiddling. I get it, your new to it and do not trust what you can not see.

3. Read your manual on the proper movement of the dial, just looking at it, there is a ASA lock pin. If you open your camera, those shots already taken are ruined. Don't go back unless your OK with losing those two exposures. Might not be a bad thing, you could use that roll to practice loading the film with the back open so you have a clear understanding and confidence to whats happening mechanically with your camera.

4. Read your manual. Not sure what dial your referring to. However that sounds like the shutter is sticking. Maybe you inadvertently moved the self timer dial on the front next to the lens ?

No worries, we have all been there. Chill... very knowledgeable and helpful people on here.
Good luck on your endeavor. Digital is more complicated than film. You're probably being paranoid.

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