analog photography

  1. N

    problem with Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460

    Hi! so i just shot my friends with Kodak Aerocolor IV 2460, but it turns very red like it's burnt? i used this roll before, sometimes the color turns nice but sometimes it's weirdly turns red. does anyone ever encounter this kind of problem?
  2. N

    Kodak Potra 400 with blue-yellow tone

    Hi! i just shot my first Potra 400, but i'm confused with the tone, it looks blue on the highlight and yellow/orange on the shadow. I use Nikon fm2 and Nikon 50mm, box speed ISO 400, i don't know whether they affected the result. or is it the lab scanning issue?? i mainly use my phone...
  3. N

    Photos underexposed

    Hi! i would like to ask for feedback what can i do better for my photos! so i took these with Nikon Fm2, and Umi 800. Camera Iso is at box speed i use my phone as lightmeter. for the 1st photo, i was focusing on the lantern, for the 2nd photo, i was focusing on the font. but the overall photos...
  4. L

    Is my Canon A-1 broken? Or is it my fault...

    Hello, I'm very new to shooting on film so all help is appreciated. I recently got a used Canon A-1 (I shot on Kodak 200 ISO film) and the pictures came out horrible and not useable. I already had an issue with it once before where the shutter button wouldn't work and I couldn't advance the...
  5. L

    Blurry landscape pics with Olympus Mju-1

    Hello! I recently got a used olympus mju-1 and the close ups all turned out very nicely, however all of the landscape ones I took turned out blurry. I really don't know what could be the problem since you can't change anything on the camera except flash (mine was always turned off). I used a...
  6. M

    Cyanotype safety and disposal of chemicals

    Hi everyone, I am currently studying a new course and have been told that I cant use cyanotype because of the hazards of the disposals of potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate. I believe the two chemicals mixed together in the quantities used for cyanotype are safe to use and...
  7. shootfilm

    I need your feedback for my film exploring website

    Hey guys! I have been working on a web application the last couple of weeks which helps people, especially new to analog photography figuring out which film might be the best for them. The site will list all available films with the associated facts. Furthermore it will let you filter films...
  8. shootfilm

    I need your feedback: Analog Camera and Film Website/App

    Hey, film photography lovers! I need your help for an analog photography related side project of mine. I am a freelance web-developer and currently working on a website/web application that conveniently shows all available analog cameras out there and additionally provides detailed information...
  9. Arianor

    Hi, (I am a Vintage Photography lover)

    Hi everyone, So, I love taking picture and trying to make them as artistic as I can. I hope I can get better while exchanging in the forum. I am french half-spanish. And love to travel especially to tropical beaches^^. I love analog pictures, retro filter, french fashion from 20 to 60, old...