Kodak Potra 400 with blue-yellow tone


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Dec 27, 2022
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Hi! i just shot my first Potra 400, but i'm confused with the tone, it looks blue on the highlight and yellow/orange on the shadow.
I use Nikon fm2 and Nikon 50mm, box speed ISO 400, i don't know whether they affected the result. or is it the lab scanning issue??

i mainly use my phone lightmeter, and it usually accurate when i use it with my canonet QL17. Meanwhile the lightmeter on my fm2 often says its under/overexpose by 1 or 2 stop. but i still go with my phone lightmeter.

here's some photos:
the lighting condition here is high contrast with strong lighting, and the surrounding looks warmer in real life.

and i put 2 photos from my iphone as reference


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It's the scan. My guess is the lab scanned it without too much correction. Some labs do no correction at all except for maybe density.

A side note, I shoot all my color print 400 speed film at 320. Meter and process as normal. I like to just a bit over expose to bring more depth to the image.

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