1. alex_ethridge


    Hey everyone! Okay....I'm 25 yo and have been running a successful photography business for a year and 6 mo now. I'm located in south Alabama, so Hey Y'all!! Ha! I have really dove off into newborn sessions, specifically, as they are my favorite. There's a couple things I would like you...
  2. k.udhay

    Cake smash idea - Backdrop theme

    Hi. I am thinking of using a dark coloured theme (kind of low key) for one of my client's cake smash shoots. Here is my plan: 1. The backdrop will be probably the 'DM-197' in this link: [Mild green with grey textures] 2. The floor of client's home is of white shiny...
  3. F

    Bed Sheets vs. Muslin for Backdrops

    Hello, I've got a few muslin backdrops for my studio but am in need of a variety of colored ones. I can't really afford to drop 100$ plus on multiple backdrops, so I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using things like colored bed sheets, or other cheaper materials for colored...
  4. zoligirls

    Who can print a 8 foot x 12 foot backdrop

    Hello folks, I am new to the forum but not the industry, I have just expanded my studio, and I am looking for a company who can make 8 foot wide x 12 foot long matte vinyl back drops, from photos that i have taken over the years, I found a thousand places in China, but i would like to know if...
  5. J

    Backdrops or Green Screen?

    Hi! I'm in the process of setting up a studio in my basement for a new business venture. I'm very excited about this, but I have lots of questions. It's a belly painting business for pregnant women where I will be photographing them and sometimes their significant others and any other children...