Bed Sheets vs. Muslin for Backdrops


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Sep 13, 2017
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I've got a few muslin backdrops for my studio but am in need of a variety of colored ones. I can't really afford to drop 100$ plus on multiple backdrops, so I was wondering if anyone has had any luck using things like colored bed sheets, or other cheaper materials for colored backgrounds. Basically just looking for a cheaper alternative that can get the job done.

The two main problems with bed sheets are (1) they're generally two small for anything but a headshot, or maybe a bust shot; and (2) the natural fibres wrinkle miserably, meaning you need to keep steaming them or keep them VERY tight, and the synthetic ones don't dye worth a damn.
Target has queen and king microfiber blankets. Work well.
Yeah, that was my concern. Any other affordable suggestions?
"Affordable" means different things to different people. I tried a bedsheet once, then bought a wide roll of paper. As I recall, it was priced at $50, and I have Amazon Prime, so no additional shipping charge.

Wanna buy my sheet? :allteeth:
The main issue with any fabric that wrinkles is to keep the background further back from the subject so that you can keep it Out Of Focus. Though you still need to use clamps on your background stands to keep the material tight so there are no big wrinkles that may show up depending upon the subject to background distance.

Of course then you have the limited size, Which you can compensate by being further away from the subject to minimize the field of view. For instance using 100mm

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