battery grip

  1. photoflyer

    Removing battery door

    For one of my Canon bodies I have the battery grip. Every time I remove the batter door to install it I feel like I'm going to break the tabs. Is there a trick to it or do I just have to continue being careful?
  2. Koshua

    HELP: Target battery inside grip first?

    So I've heard there's a way to set up your camera to use the battery inside your grip before it uses the internal camera battery, that way saving you time from taking your grip off to charge the internal battery when the grip battery is still full. How do I access these settings and select which...
  3. M

    Canon 7D Battery Grip BG-E7

    For sale is a battery grip for the Canon 7D. Holds two LP-E6 Canon batteries or 6 AA batteries. I purchased it from BH Photo 4/1/15 and maybe used it once or twice. It wasn't comfortable for me to hold and I upgraded to a 5D shortly after I purchased, so it sat on the shelf. Comes in the...
  4. C

    Canon EOS7D with BG-E7 Battery Grip

    Not sure of the exact shutter count, but it's around 7-8k. I'm selling the camera because it's surplus to my needs, as I already have a 6D... The camera is in excellent condition. I can send pictures of the actual camera, but they will look just like the ones on Canon's website. This deal is...
  5. Didereaux

    Neewer battery grips fro Canon EOS review

    Purchased two Neewer (Chinese) battery grips. One for a 6D, and one for a 7D. Construction, look, feel is comparable to the Canon. The one for the 6D cost ~$33, and the &D one ~$42 (Canon~$180). The price difference was because the 7D model had a built in time/calendar/intervalometer...