Canon EOS7D with BG-E7 Battery Grip

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    Not sure of the exact shutter count, but it's around 7-8k. I'm selling the camera because it's surplus to my needs, as I already have a 6D...

    The camera is in excellent condition. I can send pictures of the actual camera, but they will look just like the ones on Canon's website.

    This deal is for:

    Canon EOS7D camera (Body only)
    BG-E7 Battery grip with AA battery tray insert (lets you use normal AA batteries, can be handy when you forget the charger at home on a trip...)
    One Canon brand battery and charger.
    EOS7D neck strap.
    I don't have the cables or manual anymore, but all the cables are industry standard form factors (Mini USB, Mini HDMI, etc)

    I'm looking to get $700CAD (~$530 USD) plus shipping for the package, but make a reasonable offer and I'll consider it. I'll accept USD but buyer will have to pay for any exchange fees. Right now, $1 USD is exchanging for about $1.33CAD, minus any exchange fees.


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