Neewer battery grips fro Canon EOS review


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Oct 29, 2013
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Purchased two Neewer (Chinese) battery grips. One for a 6D, and one for a 7D. Construction, look, feel is comparable to the Canon. The one for the 6D cost ~$33, and the &D one ~$42 (Canon~$180). The price difference was because the 7D model had a built in time/calendar/intervalometer. There is a switch that turns the buttons on or off so you do not accidently fire when in horizontal, But if left on it does not interfer. All buttons on camera and grip function no matter.

Each came with both a Canon battery cart(holds two), and a AA cart(holds 6). The AA's have to be rechargeables as the voltage is different from the standard across the counter batteries). I will not be using them as the LP E-6's are now so cheap I simply have a lot of spares. Not much time to thoroughly check how much more use you get, but did do a 1000 shutters and had power left. You can put in either one or two LP E6's and it will work. So if you only have three batteries then put two in the grip and save the third as an emergency back up.

Because of the instructions being written by a Chinese who spoke French or German, the English version was incomprehensible. However, I personally will not be using that feature as I much prefer the off camera intervalometers.

On e nice feature is they are so compatible that the button reassignments carried over to the grips buttons without a problem. (I use back button focus). The button placement reflects Canons and so are a perfect fit when shooting verticals.

If they hold up to decent usage they will be a remarkable savings, and a nice upgrade.

NOTE: To remove the camera battery cover you must use the tiny little slide at the bottom of the cover...slide/hold/tilt cover and it comes off smoothly.
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Thanks for the write up. Am looking at a grip for my new 6D.
I have used Neewer DSLR batteries, not quite as long lasting as the official Canon batteries but they're only 1/4 the price

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