1. Sunny summers day

    Sunny summers day

    A sunny summers day at the beach
  2. Kedarnag138

    Sunset by the beach

  3. Foxtrot_01

    Sunrise bikini beach shoot - settings?

    Hello all, I'm doing a bikini beach shoot early during sunrise and I wanted to get some advice on camera / flash settings. I'm using a Godox octabox 37.5 with a Yongnuo YN560 Speedlite to light the model and have the option of using a grid with the octabox and a polarizer filter. Using a Canon...
  4. primefactor123

    Evening at the Beach

  5. primefactor123

    Beautiful Pink Sunset

  6. primefactor123

    Calming Beach Pic

  7. D7K

    Another Greek Sunset

    D850 - f11 / ISO100 / 24mm / 109 Seconds Any C&C appreciated
  8. trevoo

    Cape Cod Fly by

  9. Braineack

    Grand Hyatt, Bahamas

    Wife and I took a quick getaway for her birthday the get a break from winter last week. Enjoy this collection of shot from both my Google Pixel and D610. #profilters IMG_20180208_165501 by Braineack, on Flickr IMG_20180209_122002_1 by Braineack, on Flickr DSC_3797 by Braineack, on Flickr...
  10. mdsphotography

    Sunrise at Nassau Sound, Jacksonville,Florida

    The following three photos were taken yesterday morning as the sun was rising above the horizon at Nassau Sound.
  11. Msteelio91

    Beach Adventure, Samoyed and Snowy Owl

    Went on a trip this past weekend and came across a Snowy Owl while taking my Sam (3y/o named Apollo) to the beach. Pics just for sharing, enjoy! SnowyOwlIBSP-6 by Matt Steele, on Flickr SnowyOwlIBSP-2 by Matt Steele, on Flickr SnowyOwlIBSP-13 by Matt Steele, on Flickr ApolloIBSP-5 by Matt...
  12. birdbonkers84

    Wander along the beach on a bitter cold morning

    1. Herring gull perched by Mark Coull, on Flickr 2. Carrion Crow Portrait by Mark Coull, on Flickr 3. Black-headed gull by Mark Coull, on Flickr 4. Juvenile Herring gull by Mark Coull, on Flickr 5. Herring gull by Mark Coull, on Flickr Headed out for a walk along the beach and it was...
  13. Max Compose

    Sunset Phuket

    Have a look...
  14. M

    The White Watcher - Mizell-Johnson State Park

    This photograph’s title is admittedly a little bit silly. The “White Watcher” of the title refers to the Sabal Palm in the foreground. I was scrambling around Mizell-Johnson State Park, trying to find the right foreground to frame the dramatic sunset, when I saw this tree. For some reason, the...
  15. M

    Wash, Rinse, Repeat

    The simplicity of this sunrise forced me to focus on other senses besides vision. Usually, when watching sunrise from a beach, the second-most salient sense would be hearing. When you are on the beach without all the crowds, you hear so many noises you usually can’t. The main one which comes to...
  16. _mikro_

    Long Exposure

    So I picked up a Lee Filters Big Stopper and went down to the power plant this morning and did some experimenting. I think I did ok for my first try. This was a 8 minute exposure at f9 with my sigma 10-20mm on a canon 80d. Any friendly advice is welcome. M ike
  17. D

    Sea and Shore

  18. koleks

    Remembering Our Grandparents

    Took this at a resort. Think I should have cloned out the ship at the lower right but don't know how to do it as of the moment :-) Sony A6000 / 24mm / f5.6 / 1/200s / ISO100
  19. Ashbridges Bay Toronto Canada Sunrise No 4

    Ashbridges Bay Toronto Canada Sunrise No 4

    From a series of color photos of mornings spent enjoying the sunrise at Ashbridges Bay in Toronto Canada. Original photography using a Canon EOS T1i body. Hand painted in Photoshop. Brian Carson The Learning Curve Photography
  20. nerwin

    Life's a Beach

    I was at a car show yesterday and just a short walk from the show there was a city beach so I had to check it out as this would be like my 3rd time stepping foot on a beach in my life. I live in Vermont so beaches are not a term that comes up that often. We have some but they are not like...