my trip to pandawa bali

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Oct 16, 2015
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I'm new to this photography world, but i'm willing to learn more about it, i capture this pictures with my newly bouth canon eos 750d, i think these pictures pretty good to me, but since i'm still an amature any input will be beneficial to me
IMG_1162.jpg IMG_1052.jpg IMG_1017.jpg IMG_1080.jpg IMG_1048.jpg IMG_1097.jpg IMG_1039.jpg IMG_1066.jpg IMG_1131.jpg
also the girl in the pictures is my female cousin, and those mans in the canoe? well no idea :)
also if some of you have an opinions or two about how can i improve my photograph, feel free to share them to me. Thank you before hand.
Well, it isn't fair for me to pick out defects in the work of a very new photographer.
Good photographs usually take a fair amount of skill, some experience and some talent; the talent evincing itself as what is generally called an 'eye.' If you can perceive things that intereting/unusual/beautiful you have an eye'; but of course, you need some skills and experience to capture them in a frame.
So there are multiple hills to climb all at once.
A modern camera gives you an enormous boost because the auto-focus and any of the auto-exposure modes help a great deal.

In every picture, a neutral viewer will try to understand the importance of everything in the frame (because you included it) and then try to see what you saw and why you thought it was interesting.
As a neutral observer, I don't care if the picture is of your siste/mother/wife/child; I care only that you show me something and I enjoy it and that there aren't lots of things that distract me or confuse me.

I suggest in the future that you post only 2 or 3 pictures at a time to concentrate readers' responses.

And welcome

Of all your pictures, I like one the most

The person is anonymous, focus is off, the sun flare is extreme, so why do I like it.
The picture reminds me of halcyon days on the beach when I would lift up my head and see people, silhouetted against the sun - and it brings back all the memories of those days.
Ha ha! Liked that one the least, but everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.

Would have preferred the focus to be forward just a bit (not necessarily on the beach-walker).

I enjoyed the pics quite a bit!

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