1. Glostars

    Best gear for winter photography

    Hi everybody, What is the best gear I can use to get good winterish photographs? I live in Finland and I always wanted to get good images during winter where everything gets snowy white and the cities are colorful. However sometimes my smatphone doesn't get the captures right. So now I'm...
  2. A

    Budget portrait lens for Full Frame

    (Not must to read)Photography is my hobby and I can't spend much money on it. Everything I have now I got for free, but I feel that I need autofocus prime lens for portraits. I have 5D(first), EF 28-135 IS USM, Plannar 50 1.4(not new one, old, for c/y mount, but i have focus confirm)Sonnar 135...
  3. R

    Beginner budget cameras

    Hey guys, so im fed up of 30 year old yashica cameras and want to get into dslr cameras. i have 200 euro and that (where i live) can get me a canon eos 550d or a nikon d3100 with all stuff included. which is the better one or are there others?
  4. V

    Beginner in need of help

    Hello, I am sure you are probably already tired of newbies requesting advice on camera equipment, but I am simply overwhelmed by the amount of information on the internet. My name is Sven, I am 24 years old and I will start a small journey soon, which I want to take as an opportunity to get a...
  5. DaniEven

    Best sports photography cameras?

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for sports cameras under $1000? I'm trying to break into sports photography and I'm not sure where to start.
  6. lbaker116

    Pentax K-X too outdated?

    I'm wanting to get a dslr but have a very small budget 250 or less. So I was thinking of getting an older one and have heard good things about the Pentax K-X. But 2009 seems pretty old. I just don't know enough about cameras to figure it out on my own. Thanks for the help.
  7. lbaker116

    Need help finding the right camera

    I just got a job that requires me to have a camera to take professional photos of cars (its a dealership). I've always had an interest in photography so I would like to get a nice camera. I'm fine getting somthing that's a little outdated as my budget is about 250. I would really like to get a...
  8. B

    I want to buy a 4k camera for video

    I am going to be setting up a new reef aquarium and I want to film the process to help people who are getting started in the hobby and I want a camera, I want to buy a camera to film in 4k inside my home with a tripod & slider, i want to do some up close shots of my aquarium and my fish swimming...
  9. B

    Alternatives to Canon lenses?

    Greetings everyone! I'll be getting a Canon Mark III shortly (crazy excited about that), and was wondering if there are any alternative lens brands that deliver the same/close second punch that the Canon lens family will, and are easier on the pockets? I understand nothing beats certain...
  10. rizkyb

    3 lenses set alternative. Exploring vintage lens

    Hi Guys, Recently explored some vintage lenses as a budget alternative. I would like to share my recommendation. Hope this is useful to some. Thank you for watching!
  11. C

    Is Tamron B018 18 - 200 mm F/3.5 - 6.3 Di II VC a good buy for Nikon D5200?

    I own Nikon D5200 with 18-55mm kit lens and wants to buy my first telephoto lens. I'm much into travelling and trekking and like to do Bird, Wildlife and Landscape photography. I want a versatile lens that will be low on weight as well as cost; good on image quality and atleast the zoom of...
  12. tiaphoto

    Coworking Spaces

    Do any of you guys have experience with coworking spaces. I recently found out about them, and I did not realize they were such a big trend in the freelancing world! There's a good bit of them in my living area and I was excited to check them out when I discovered them. However, I totally...
  13. Vin Le Photography

    Canon 5D mkii or mkiii

    Hi All, I've been looking to upgrade to full-frame, but I'm working on a budget here. I'm starting to work professionally as a photographer, but I'm having trouble 1) labeling myself as a professional when I'm shooting with a prosumer Rebel and 2) the AF limitations of the t4i. I can't always...