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camera bag

  1. A

    Want to Sell Film Camera

    Looking to sell my Nikon N75b 35mm film camera. Comes with a Nikon ED AF Nikkor 28-200 mm lens, plus Tamron 62 mm UV filter. I realize this is a dinosaur that isn't worth what I paid for it but it is in excellent condition and I'm not using it. I also have an Olympus OM 10 that needs some...
  2. J

    travel camera bag for women-which style?

    Hoping to get some help from the female photographers in this group. :) I design camera bags for women, focusing on chic designs that look good as an everyday bag as well as being able to carry and protect your precious cameras. Before I create another style, would love your feedback on: Which...
  3. nerwin

    SOLD! Think Tank Streetwalker Camera Bag

    I've been planning on selling this bag anyways and now that I no longer need it figured I'll try to sell it here. As you know, Think Tank makes incredible bags, very high quality. This one is barely used, I mean I never took it outside because I could never get comfortable with it and it's more...
  4. DesertFilth

    A nice camera travel backpack also for room clothing storage?

    I’ve recently been looking for a good travel backpack not just my dslr but also to store other things like clothes,accessories maybe even a laptop. I know lowepro has some good options, manfrotto has a good line of options but look small even the larger ones available. I really don’t want to...
  5. katsrevenge

    Mid sized Camera Bag?

    I'm looking for a bag that isn't too big.. but isn't too small either! I need a bag that can hold a D5200 with a smaller zoom attached, as well as one other lens and maybe a lens hood. Think a kit zoom and say, a 35mm prime. Nothing crazy. Little pockets to hold my keys/phone or a water bottle...
  6. G

    Designing a Camera Bag, Need your help! Quick 5 Minute Survey

    Hello everyone, I am an Industrial Design student at the University of Cincinnati conducting research for my Product Design Studio. My project is to create a camera day pack for those who want to carry their essential camera gear along with other non camera items you may need when out on a...