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Aug 10, 2015
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I'm looking for a bag that isn't too big.. but isn't too small either! I need a bag that can hold a D5200 with a smaller zoom attached, as well as one other lens and maybe a lens hood. Think a kit zoom and say, a 35mm prime. Nothing crazy. Little pockets to hold my keys/phone or a water bottle are also ok. Messenger or sling is best, I often ride a bike with my camera. Oh yeah, and a somewhat reasonable price would be nice.

If that isn't hard enough, I kind of want the bag to not look like a camera bag. I prefer blending in as much as possible. Excuse the ebay link, but I have this one here. Mine's black, and I do love it. But it's also huge. I have a bad habit of over packing and never seem to use everything I drag around.

Does this Goldilocks bag exist? They all seem to be too small or too big...
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Maybe something like this?
I have a small Lowepro that is just dandy for a small dSLR with a short lens on it, and another small lens or a lens and a flash, and has a top pocket for really thin stuff like filters. I bought it second hand. Listed dimensions are 3.5 x 6.5 x 6.5 inches, according to the site listed above. It's been a very nice bag, and one that FORCES me to pack lightly. I payed $7 for it second hand.

It's my very-newest bag, and is called the Lowepro Nova Mini. Here it is...mine is not this wine-colored one, but is a all-black version, and looks to be OLDER than this version of the bag.

Lowepro Nova Mini AW - Cambags

The guy that reviewed the Nova Mini on there had a D80 Nikon and an 18-135 zoom and a 50mm in it, plus some assorted very small stuff. I like the belt loop option that bthis has; it can be lashed to a pack frame, or to a belt, or to another bag!
Thanks all. I do like the tenba and the lowpro, but it still screams 'I am full of delicious electronic goodies!' I'm a short female, I want it to look like I'm just carrying books or other uninteresting crap.

Cambags is neat, thanks for the site recommendation! I'll keep an eye out for a used Crumpler (because that's about as close to what I need that I saw) but if I'm spending 150+... it's gonna be on gear.

I may just end up getting an insert and putting it into a purse. It's not as elegant as I'd like though.
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Consider the purse concept, YES! One of my old faves was a small, black, unassuming luggage bag from Target!
Consider the purse concept, YES! One of my old faves was a small, black, unassuming luggage bag from Target!
Black my left foot. :lol:

We all heard about you carrying you gear in this all over Oregon Right pretty too.
I'd suggest looking at a Vanguard. They've got some good mid-size and are more purse-like in appearance

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Consider the purse concept, YES! One of my old faves was a small, black, unassuming luggage bag from Target!
Well, I was using a beat up Coach bucket bag (this style/color, but mine has seen life, LOL).. but it's only big enough for a camera with lens on...and there is absolutely no padding or pockets in the thing. Plus, my keys kept getting stuck in the strap. It just didn't feel like a long term solution without padding.
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For anyone reading this thread with the same question that I had. A Crumpler 4 million dollar home can hold one d5200 with a 35mm prime stuck on it as well as a second small prime in a bag. But the fit is very tight..and it's difficult to get the camera out.
But, it's purse like enough that I don't feel silly using it like one with just the camera in the big pocket. A 6 million dollar version is also on it's way. That might be just what I need.
...also impulse bid on (and won) a Olympus Pen body. Pick up a small prime for it, instant good purse camera.
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It's small, looks nice, great quality and amazing customer support. Expensive? Yep...but you get what you pay for with these bags.

Looks like it would hold everything you asked and doesn't look like a camera bag.

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