Designing a Camera Bag, Need your help! Quick 5 Minute Survey


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Sep 10, 2015
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Hello everyone, I am an Industrial Design student at the University of Cincinnati conducting research for my Product Design Studio. My project is to create a camera day pack for those who want to carry their essential camera gear along with other non camera items you may need when out on a photography excursion.

If you could take 5 minutes of your time and complete this quick survey it would help me out tremendously and provide some design parameters for me to base my project around.

Camera Day Pack


**Just a heads up, results from this survey will be used for academic purposes only**
What, again?

What you talking about?
I read your survey but it seemed not to be giving you especially insightful info.
Considering the deluge of packs, bags, slings, etc that exist now, what is wrong with any of them that you want to improve with your design?
It seems that most bags available are improvements on previous designs that all started from one typical type of bag that proved inutile in some circumstances.
Why don't you take a set of existing bags that are popular and improve on them rather than getting a small, non-random set of opinions?
There is plenty of room for improvement in the fanny pack/waist pack category, which is what I find myself using more and more as I transition toward carrying LESS gear (fewer individual lenses), but with a full-size Nikon that has a battery capable of shooting 3,000 frames on one battery charge. I submitted a response, but I think the survey needs more and perhaps better questions. I forgot to add...make zipper pulls easily accessible.

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