1. B

    Need Help Choosing a camera

    I'm a new photographer, I want to buy a camera for around 250$ and I am really struggling to choose between some cameras, I searched for the best cameras for that price and Found multiple cameras including fujifilm xt1, but I am not sure of what to choose since I found newer models for almost...
  2. M

    Camera settings for proposal video - HELP PLEASE

    What are the best settings to use for filming a proposal? Camera - 5D Markiii with 70-200mm EF lens Shoot is in an open area of a park and the weather will be overcast but bright (filming done secretly from afar) Any advice would be massively appreciated! (I am last minute jumping in to help...
  3. Beyond These Eyes (Bree) by Myron Edwards.jpg

    Beyond These Eyes (Bree) by Myron Edwards.jpg

    A Close Up Portrait of a Young Woman In The Studio Underneath A one light setup posing while looking at camera
  4. Z

    Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 (new) Vs Canon 24-70mm 2.8L MkI (second hand)

    I have a classic Canon 5D MkI and I want to purchase an affordable 24-70 2.8 lens. Not sure if to go with the Tamron SP 24-70mm F/2.8 Di VC USD G2 (NB - has image stabilisation)... or with classic Canon 24-70mm 2.8L MkI (second hand). As a background, I'm an experienced amateur photographer and...
  5. J

    Vintage camera

    Hi, my girlfriend acquired this from her late grandfather , have no idea if it’s a good camera and if it’s worth anything it has three different lenses and two flashes and a bag , can any one advise , thanks 😊
  6. E

    Architecture photography - construction sites

    Hi I conduct the photography and marketing for Enigma Industrial Services using a Canon 90D with the standard lenses. I want to know how to gain sharper pictures. You'll notice on some elevations they look fuzzy - I increase the shadow settings in post production Photoshop via the RAW to reveal...
  7. Hollar94

    Editing Headshots Help

    Hello, I would say I am a few baby steps beyond beginner. I was offered to do our company headshots at my work and I accepted and it has been going really well. The pictures are coming out great and I am learning along the way. (I use a Canon EOS Rebel T7) I am struggling with quality after...
  8. L

    Problem with a G7x Mark II

    Hello all, I have in my possession a G7x Mark II that I got from a photo booth. Only, I can't operate the buttons and the screen remains black, no matter what. The camera is brand new, no scratch, no impact, internal electronics in great shape... Nevertheless, I have access to the memory card...
  9. dolina

    What Canon-branded RF lenses do you want to see in 2023?

    According to this Canon rumour the CEO of Canon JP promised to release 8 new lenses annually for the next 4 years. If this is true what are the top 8 RF lenses do you want to see by this time next year?
  10. dolina

    Get less ISO noise at higher ISO sensitivity

    This has been verified by me with EF bodies from 2003 EOS 10D up to 2015 EOS 5Ds R. RF bodies like the 2020 EOS R5 & 2022 EOS R7 may have this. Owners may want to verify. To reduce whatever ISO noise Canon has a weird ISO increments of every ISO 160. So ISO - 160 - 320 - 640 - 1250 - 2500 -...
  11. P

    Wich second camera i should get?

    Hi, i curently have the nikon D3400 with the 18-55 mm Lens. I am looking to upgrade. I generaly do landscape and portrait / self portrait photography. I also bring my camera on day hikes. I am looking at the mirrorless Canon eos m6 Mark 2? I know its a different brand of camera but im willing to...
  12. G

    What settings would work out better for me?

    Hi guys, I have been working as a photographer for nearly two years now, and recently something quite embarrassing happened to me. I met together with another photographer in order to shoot some pictures of each other, so we would both have some new content for our websites etc. When we took...
  13. G

    New too photography. Lens choice????

    I’m newish too photography. I have a a6400. (Aps-c mirrorless) Current lens I’m using as a all arounder is the kit lens 16-50mm 3.5-5.6 And a 18-105mm f4. G oss Sony lens My primary focus for this current lens pickup is for Wildlife photography. Birds in flight. Stuff at long reaches...
  14. G

    New too forum. Need help with camera choice

    So a little background about me. I’m not completely new too photography. I used too have a t4i years ago. Because I was into macro photography and animal photography. I have since sold that camera and looking too upgrade. I’m between the Sony a6100/a6400 vs cabin EOS RP I primarily would...
  15. V

    Canon EF 75-300 with 2.2x magnifiers?

    Hello. I'm new to photography and just got my first telephoto lens for my Rebel T7, the Canon EF 75-300 III UM. The T7 came in a bundle with the Canon 18-55mm lens, and a couple additional Commander lenses, the 2.2 telephoto lens and a wide angle. I used the 2.2 telephoto lens a lot and it...
  16. M

    Canon EOS T8i/850D for weddings and other events photography

    Hello, I wanted to know because I am just stating out in wedding and other event photography is Canon EOS T8i/850D a good camera to start with? I wont have any issues with focus when taking stills of groups, moving subjects and couple portraits right? Will this camera be able to keep up with...
  17. O

    FS: Paul C Buff 800ws Link with Canon Hub, Battery and charger, NEW

    NEW IN BOX Paul C. Buff Link 800ws unit, with Canon Hub remote, battery and charger. Opened box and tested (less than 30 shots, indoors). Selling since it turns out it doesn't fit my needs. Purchased from Buff, with tax and shipping, $1,321.56. My loss is your gain- first $1150 including...
  18. Canon 1Ds Mark II

    Canon 1Ds Mark II

    A tired-looking Canon 1Ds Mark II
  19. D

    Canon Eos-1n film camera problem

    Hi there! I'm using a film camera canon eos-1n with a grip (power driver booster e1) since last year and I was so happy to find such a great camera! But since last week I'm having an issue with it. After turning the camera on, the shutter realases by itself. After that I can't take anymore...
  20. J

    Suggestions for new lens

    Hi I want to buy a new lens for my camera but don’t know where to start. I’m not a professional photographer AT ALL! I just enjoy taking pictures of my kids and animals and nature. We go on a lot of walks and I like to take pictures but I don’t know much about lens and I am confused about how to...