1. V

    Canon EF 75-300 with 2.2x magnifiers?

    Hello. I'm new to photography and just got my first telephoto lens for my Rebel T7, the Canon EF 75-300 III UM. The T7 came in a bundle with the Canon 18-55mm lens, and a couple additional Commander lenses, the 2.2 telephoto lens and a wide angle. I used the 2.2 telephoto lens a lot and it...
  2. M

    Canon EOS T8i/850D for weddings and other events photography

    Hello, I wanted to know because I am just stating out in wedding and other event photography is Canon EOS T8i/850D a good camera to start with? I wont have any issues with focus when taking stills of groups, moving subjects and couple portraits right? Will this camera be able to keep up with...
  3. O

    FS: Paul C Buff 800ws Link with Canon Hub, Battery and charger, NEW

    NEW IN BOX Paul C. Buff Link 800ws unit, with Canon Hub remote, battery and charger. Opened box and tested (less than 30 shots, indoors). Selling since it turns out it doesn't fit my needs. Purchased from Buff, with tax and shipping, $1,321.56. My loss is your gain- first $1150 including...
  4. Canon 1Ds Mark II

    Canon 1Ds Mark II

    A tired-looking Canon 1Ds Mark II
  5. D

    Canon Eos-1n film camera problem

    Hi there! I'm using a film camera canon eos-1n with a grip (power driver booster e1) since last year and I was so happy to find such a great camera! But since last week I'm having an issue with it. After turning the camera on, the shutter realases by itself. After that I can't take anymore...
  6. J

    Suggestions for new lens

    Hi I want to buy a new lens for my camera but don’t know where to start. I’m not a professional photographer AT ALL! I just enjoy taking pictures of my kids and animals and nature. We go on a lot of walks and I like to take pictures but I don’t know much about lens and I am confused about how to...
  7. raffal

    My new 70-200 mm f4.0 USM IS

    Love this lens that arrived today from JApan! :)) .... I have to get feel of its IS not very heavy ( about 760 grams ) but adding camera's weight to it - my hand was bit shaky:) I took few shots late afternoon today...
  8. C

    Spotmatic F vs Canon FTB ql

    Hi everyone, I'm a digital camera user for day and astrophotography, but really want to get into using film like I did as a kid with my dad. Not afraid of manual mode as I rarely even use aperture or shutter priority on my digital at the moment All I ask (for convenience) is a reasonable...
  9. Coupon92123

    Which camera is best for photography?Buy of discount?

    Hi everybody, To cater to the needs of my passion and work, I need to find a good digital camera that is both convenient and work for my work. Can you give me some suggestions? Be aware that there are stores that can buy it at a discount on a more suitable model. Can you give me some...
  10. Jeff15

    Which beginner camera for start?

    There are lots of compact cameras on the market, take a look at the Panasonic range.
  11. P

    why is my focus ring not working?

    trying to use manual focus. i have the 24mm-105mm lens switched from auto to manual. i also switch to viewfinder /video live view and magnify x5 to zoom in and then turn the focus ring but it isn't getting sharper. what am i doing wrong? using mark 3 5d
  12. E

    Question about Lens Adapters

    Hello there Time to put your camera expert brains to work. ;) I am currently using an Olympus e-500 camera. I am currently saving up to buy either a canon or Nikon camera. But that purchase is still a ways off. I am looking new lens and the Four Third style has been discontinued. Thus I am...
  13. S

    Action Photography Settings - Requesting Help

    I have a Canon AE-1 Program and I plan on going California to spend some time with some friends who all skateboard. I have never shot skateboarding well and I was hoping I could get some advice on camera settings and technique. My camera has program mode, would this be acceptable to use for...
  14. S

    Canon AE-1 Action Settings Question

    I have a Canon AE-1 Program and I plan on going California to spend some time with some friends who all skateboard. I have never shot skateboarding and I was hoping I could get some advice on camera settings and technique. What would be the ideal settings for this camera? I will be shooting...
  15. P

    How To Create a Timelapse Video using a DSLR, LRTimelapse, Lightroom & Final Cut Pro X

    I put together a quick tutorial detailing how I capture and edit a timelapse video using my Canon 1DX, LRTimelapse, Lightroom and Final Cut:
  16. J

    speedlite 430ex won't adjust luminosity

    Hey guys, so I own a canon speedlite 430ex, and was at first trying it in the camera hotshoe in TTL. it worked fine, but soon I wanted to get it of camera to light subjects from a different angle. to fire the flash I use a hahnel captur. with the trigger the flash cannot work in TTL, so it...
  17. shirin

    Canon A1 - Can anyone help?

    Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to help. I recently bought a Canon A1 with a 50mm FD f /1.8 S.C lens. Canon FD 50mm F/1.8 (II) There is no green A for automatic on my lens. It only has the aperture numbers and a green circle at the end. Does anyone know if the green circle performs the same...
  18. C

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone! My name is Charles and I live in Coventry, UK. I've been into photography for a long time, starting off with digital as many my age do (I'm in my mid 20s). I progressed from a cheap Samsung point and shoot to a Canon EOS 1100D, then a 60D and currently a 6D. My big interest at...
  19. D

    PLEASE HELP! Camera is not winding film :(((

    The camera is a: Canon Rebel EOS 2000 So, my partner wanted to start doing film photography and got this camera as a hand-me-down. I've had experience with film cameras, but usually they have a manual crank and this one has a little digital screen. I figured it would be easy enough and loaded...
  20. M

    New to photo and need a "start gear list" to start and learn nude photography...

    Hi everyone, disclaimer: I am French! and i know gear is "not that important" but i want to start well! i am new to photography, i learn fast (because i love to learn new artistic skills an i have ideas) (i know it takes time...). I want to make boudoir photography, nude photo and erotic...