1. F

    What camera would you recommend for £100 $127?

    Hello, my question is What camera would you recommend for £100 $127? As I need a camera that has a nice zoom and compact and can good photos with an optical zoom. I am going to watch All Elite Wrestling at Wembley Stadium London 90,000 seats on August 27, and I am sitting in the middle second...
  2. A

    Cheap compact digital cameras with good flash capability?

    Apologies if it isn't entirely in the spirit of the forum to be seeking a cheap camera with basic capabilities! To explain, I generally use film for more 'creative' photography, but a digital camera can of course be useful in many situations. I have a compact Kodak camera that's sometimes OK ...
  3. A

    Budget portrait lens for Full Frame

    (Not must to read)Photography is my hobby and I can't spend much money on it. Everything I have now I got for free, but I feel that I need autofocus prime lens for portraits. I have 5D(first), EF 28-135 IS USM, Plannar 50 1.4(not new one, old, for c/y mount, but i have focus confirm)Sonnar 135...
  4. T

    Does buying a camera make sense if I have a smartphone?

    Yes, of course it does. However, I'm only aiming to spend around 250$. Besides that, I own a Galaxy s5, which takes fairly fine photos, just without me being able to control much of the camera's settings and with frustratingly long shutter speeds once the sun stops shining. I would also like the...
  5. deepfriedl

    Cheap filters

    I know you get what you pay for, but I'm still new to decent photography gear and it seems silly to spend more on an ND filter than the lens. Are the cheap ones ok? What is the trade-off or flaws commonly found in cheap ND filters compared to more expensive ones? I'm also interested in replies...