1. birdbonkers84

    Photo of Vancouver Skyline

    Took this on my trip to Vancouver back in March, didn't have the best of weather while visiting, but I still loved it so much me and my g.f are going back next summer. This shot was taken from the other side of the lost lagoon near Stanley Park looking back onto downtown Vancouver. Vancouver...
  2. trase

    First time out with my first DSLR

    I always loved to casually snap photos whenever I go, and recently decided to take that important step of getting a fully manual camera. D3300 was the lucky winner, and I went out into the night to begin experimenting with all the fancy dials and settings. Some photos were heavily under-exposed...
  3. redbourn

    Using the D3300 in manual mode

    Trying to improve photos for my cookbook so decided to give manual mode a whirl. I set the ISO Go into manual mode and understand how to change speed and aperture. But when I change them, the camera changes the ISO Does this mean that I'm not understanding something or the D3300 doesn't...
  4. G

    Pentax K50 vs Nikon D3300 - Selective Colour Effect Filters

    Hello. I will soon be purchasing my first DSLR and have narrowed my choice to the above two cameras... Pentax K50: I have an old vintage lens from my dad (smc m 50mm f.1.7) I'd like to be able to use, and I like the cameras durability, built in stability, and photo quality) Nikon D3300: More...
  5. S

    how to handle DSLR in long trekks?

    Hi all. I have planned for a trek to Har ki doon, India, from may 9 to may 23 this year. I will be carrying a D3300 with the kit 18-55 mm lens. now I have some questions on the batteries. For the better part of the trip, that is 8 days, there will be no electricity to charge the batteries . i...
  6. J

    Nikon D3300 RAW + JPEG

    With the price of the D3300 so competitive, I am thinking about purchasing one with the kit lens. I generally shoot in RAW, but I have read so many good things about the D3300's JPEG mode, that I would like to try RAW + JPEG. My question is: Other than perhaps taking more time to write to the...
  7. S

    Lens Filter

    Hi, I just bought a Nikon D3300 with 18-55 mm lens. i want to know should I buy a UV Filter like HOYA 52 mm or such. And do I need to buy any other items, guard or anything now, that doesn't come with the Box. any helps will be appreciated.
  8. J

    D3300 enlongated faces

    I have a nice new Nikon d33o0 DSLR and took a few indoor photos with it using the 18-55 lens it came with. I noticed that the heads of people look very elongated. Looks noticeable and is annoying. Is there something I can do? Thanks Jpeg
  9. G

    D3300 vs D5300 vs D7000

    Hey people, I have a very big problem. I am frustrated. I am an average photographer and i have decided to buy a new camera. My budget is up to 700 USD. I like photographing animals and portraits. I also like video recording, like shooting a short movie. I can't decide between the D3300, D5300...
  10. P

    d3300 vs d5200

    i am a photography enthusiast. i would like to know which of the above are better. my main concerns are macro, birgs and wildlife and landscape. i already used my frnds d3300 in mannual mode also. is it better to choose a cam with more AF points or latest processor and no anti aliasing.?.. my...
  11. soho192

    Having issues with my remote flash trigger

    First off I have an inexpensive flash trigger (Altura) and a Neewer TT560 with a Nikon D3300. One receiver is for an D3300 and the other is for the off camera flash. I do not think the issue is with the flash or the remote system, but rather with the camera. When I hit the transceiver I can see...
  12. mkauer

    How Do You Setup Off Camera Flash for a Nikon D3300?

    Hey, I've been trying to setup an off-camera flash with my Altura speedlight (full kit with remote and trigger), but I can't find the settings on my Nikon D3300 to make it the "commander." I've attached the trigger to the hotshoe of my camera, and I've attached the remote to my speedlight. But...