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    Do better Nikon lenses fully work with the d5300?

    I've heard that the autofocus (and maybe other features) on the more expensive Nikon lenses don't work on the D3500. Is the same thing true with the D5300?
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    D5300 vs D7100

    I'm about to upgrade my Sony a3000, which i've been using for 3 years now. I can't really decide whether I should buy a D5300 with an AF-S 18-105 VR kit and an AF-P 70-300 VR or a D7100 with an AF-S 18-140 VR kit. It's about the same price in my country. I mainly want to use it for portraits...
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    What objective? Help me!

    Hello there, I am kinda new to photography but I know the basics. I hunt a lot and i want to make some films. I know how to edit and i got a Nikon D5300 with basic lens and a Røde mic. I recently bought a cheap tripod that i can carry around, havent recieved it yet so I dont know it will do the...
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    Looking for a lense to nikon d5300

    hi, am just about to buy my first dslr and i am going for Nikon D3500, but am not sure what lense what is best for not to much money. think i want 35-50 or prime lense but i want a lense with a good picture quality for the d5300. hope someone can help me :)
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    D5300 vs d7000

    I am an average photographer.... i like to shoot video and low light, too... to me the d5300 seems like a more attractive option.. but the d7000 is of a higher class... if anyone of you experts could help me, i d be glad.. Thanks in advance.
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    D5300 vs D7000

    I am between the D5300 and the D7000, obviously. My budget is up to 700€ I have found a used D7000 with 80.000 clicks with 500€. Please help me decide. I want it for both photography and video. Thanks in advance.
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    D3300 vs D5300 vs D7000

    Hey people, I have a very big problem. I am frustrated. I am an average photographer and i have decided to buy a new camera. My budget is up to 700 USD. I like photographing animals and portraits. I also like video recording, like shooting a short movie. I can't decide between the D3300, D5300...