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Mar 7, 2017
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Hello there, I am kinda new to photography but I know the basics. I hunt a lot and i want to make some films. I know how to edit and i got a Nikon D5300 with basic lens and a Røde mic. I recently bought a cheap tripod that i can carry around, havent recieved it yet so I dont know it will do the job, but anyways, The shoots I am going to take is close ranged, really fast birds and often in bright daylight. But I do want to take both stills and film. I also want to take som easy landscaping/overwiew shots. I have a ok price range, depends on how much I need it. I am not going to hunt and film myself, I have someone to hunt and film with me, so we split the job. I just need some tips, guidance and help for this project. Any answer will be very helpful, thanks.
What lens/lenses do you have available?

For birds in flight (BIF) anything less than a quality, steady tripod and a gimbal head for the camera will give poor results for stills.
For shooting video that entails a lot of camera movement a fluid video head is needed to consistently produce good results.

The cheap tripod may work OK for landscape stills as long as it's not windy.
If the cheap tripod has a weight hook, hanging weight on the hook may or may not help the stability of the tripod in wind.
Another issue will cheap tripods is durability.

A rule of thumb regarding tripods is that we can only get of 3 things:
• Stable
• Light weight
• Cheap
A cheap and lightweight tripod won't be stable.
A stable and light weight tripod won't be cheap.
A cheap and stable tripod won't be light weight.

An issue with the D5300 for shooting BIFs is that it has a rolling shutter and not a global shutter.
A rolling shutter is likely to distort a BIFs wings.
Global & Rolling Shutters

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