1. Nikon74

    Sold: Nikon D610

    Item sold
  2. M

    Camera Issues - D7000

    I've have been doing photography as a hobby since 2010 when I purchased a Nikon D90. I used that camera for 3-4 year before replacing it with a D7000. I purchased both cameras used, but they were in good condition when I received them. Last summer, my D7000 started to give me issues, and I...
  3. nerwin

    Oak Leaf Reflection

    I am so proud of my self for taking this shot. I've been planning this shot for a long time and I finally nailed it! I've been wanting to get a shot of a oak leaf in a puddle with its reflection. But I could never for the life of me find an oak leaf. But I did today and there was a puddle so I...
  4. nerwin

    Red & Green

    So I have honestly no idea what I was going for here but I saw a green apple in the fridge and there was this bright red serving platter on the counter and for some reason it just clicked in my head. Now I was strapped for time as I had somewheres to be and I was losing window light fast so I...
  5. nerwin

    Finally, it looks like Vermont

    After a good dumping of snow covering all the trees and ground, it made this red barn stand out better than I ever seen it before. So I've taken many, perhaps nearly 100 shots of this barn over several years. I didn't know at the time but apparently I unconsciously started a photo project. I...
  6. nerwin

    Yet, another backyard landscape

    So I've been a bit sick lately dealing with a horrible sinus infection which caused me to not sleep for like 3 days. It was pretty rough so I took it easy and took a break from photography, a least a little bit anyways. Yesterday I felt much better, like night/day difference except for the fact...
  7. eli_harper13

    Defective Tokina 100mm 2.8 Macro?

    A bit of back ground info first: I've been doing some photography for about 4 years now, just a hobby, I'm nothing of a pro for sure. I started off with a used, old D70. My primary lens was a 35mm 1.8 DX. It gave me fantastic results consistently. Just a year ago I decided it was time for...
  8. PersistentNomad

    D610 or D750

    I'm going to be upgrading my gear set soon, and I'm torn between the D610 and the D750. I was basically sold on the 610 until I started reading reviews about the oil spot dilemma. Is this still a problem with them, does anyone know? Really, all of the things that make the 750 better than the 610...
  9. A

    Upgrading from D5100 to D610?

    I shoot photos mostly for fun but sometimes i make money out of it specially for food and menu photography and for music band shooting. i currently have a D5100 + 18-105 + 50mm f1.8 nikon prime lens. i find photo shooting in low light a bit problematic with my current gear . does D610 offer me...