1. M

    Camera Issues - D7000

    I've have been doing photography as a hobby since 2010 when I purchased a Nikon D90. I used that camera for 3-4 year before replacing it with a D7000. I purchased both cameras used, but they were in good condition when I received them. Last summer, my D7000 started to give me issues, and I...
  2. A

    Nikon D7000 vs Nikon D5200 vs Canon 700D

    Hi! I am currently looking to buying my first ever DSLR. I want to buy used,because I feel that used cameras give me more features for less,and maybe with some lenses thrown in too. I have looked at the deals,and the 700D,D5200 and D7000 seems to match my price bracket(420 USD) pretty well. I...
  3. trinidadgonzalezsardi

    Don't know what's wrong with my wireless flash trigger

    Hi guys! So, I have a Yongnuo RF-603 wireless flash shutter trigger and I don't understand how to make it work. I'm using it with a Nikon D7000 and a Nikon Flash SB 700. The RF 603 goes on and off, aparently works, but when I put it on my camera it doesn't make the flash work. I followed the...
  4. A

    Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art - Focus issues on D810

    Hey all. Was wondering if others have had focus issues (front) on the Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art and D810 combo. I would greatly appreciate some insight into the issue below with the Sigma 35mm F1.4 and D810. ----------------------- SIGMA 35MM LENS 1 RESULTS I've essentially maxed out the AF Fine...
  5. T

    FS Nikon D7000 /50mm / 85mm / MBD11

    Howdy, My kids have graduated from HS and I have no use for the camera any more....sad. I have not posted here in a long time and somehow have forgotten my email that I used. I have set up a new account now and would like to post the items here to sell. This site was so helpful for me trying the...
  6. I

    Dark corners on rear LCD of Nikon D7000

    Hello all. I have just signed-up in this forum. I am in need of your help. I have a Nikon D7000 and I have been using it since 2012. Everything was working fine. Suddenly yesterday, I saw that the rear LCD is showing some dark shadows. All four corners have this dark shadow but the shadows on...
  7. G

    D5300 vs d7000

    I am an average photographer.... i like to shoot video and low light, too... to me the d5300 seems like a more attractive option.. but the d7000 is of a higher class... if anyone of you experts could help me, i d be glad.. Thanks in advance.
  8. NikonNut1970

    Forum Noob From Massachusetts

    Hello Everyone! I'm a noob here on the forum and I thought it's time to introduce myself. I'm from the lovely, but cold state of MA and I have been into Photography for 10+ years after starting my journey with a Canon Rebel 2000 film camera. My main camera right now is a Nikon D7000 DSLR (I've...
  9. G

    D5300 vs D7000

    I am between the D5300 and the D7000, obviously. My budget is up to 700€ I have found a used D7000 with 80.000 clicks with 500€. Please help me decide. I want it for both photography and video. Thanks in advance.
  10. G

    D3300 vs D5300 vs D7000

    Hey people, I have a very big problem. I am frustrated. I am an average photographer and i have decided to buy a new camera. My budget is up to 700 USD. I like photographing animals and portraits. I also like video recording, like shooting a short movie. I can't decide between the D3300, D5300...
  11. TammyCampbell

    D5100 took a header ...

    So now I have a crack around the hotshoe, and my flash doesn't work anymore.and I can't attach a speed light to it... I can take limited pictures bright light long exposure . So now my question is.. D5200 , or D7000 ..I'm really tempted for the D7000 just for the superior housing. Even though I...
  12. Pitchingace88

    Amateur < $750 Budget Summary

    Hello to all, Background: For me, I've taken photography classes and really enjoyed the art form, but never focused on it as I didn't have the steady income to warrant quality over my phone as I was taking pictures of destinations/family that I would upload to Facebook. All that is going to...