dark room

  1. Dreaminginanalogue

    New to the darkroom - Info on the Automega D3 enlarger

    Hey everyone, I recently purchased all the dark room equipment needed to have a fully set up dark room. I bought it all second hand and locally. They said they haven't used in around 7 years but it was working amazingly when they were using it. In the package was the Automega D3 Enlarger (and...
  2. E

    Photography Teaching Job

    Hi, I work for Camp Winnebago, a boy's camp in Maine and we are looking for an individual to teach photography for the next 8 weeks. Our program is film based teaching camera use and darkroom skills. The contract is for approximately $2000 including travel to Maine and back as well as room and...
  3. W

    Any interest in DURST Laborator 1200 & Multigraph?

    Hello everyone. I am posting here because I am selling all equipment from my girl friends dark room. Besides the DURST Laborator 1200 and Multigraph there is sinks drying racks and more. The dark room was built by her parents for her for 50k and she only used it a few times before she decided...