1. nerwin

    A Road Less Traveled

    A photo that I been sitting on since October. I kept going back to this but couldn't figure out how I wanted to process the photo and today I finally came up with this and I'm actually pretty happy with it. Nikon Z6II + Z 24-70/F4 S A road less traveled by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr
  2. nerwin

    My most recent autumn shots

    Figured I'll share a few of them here :) I was able to get out and do some nice walking this week on the backroads where I live and managed to capture some photos that I'm pretty happy with. I’ll Sit Here and Watch the Leaves Fall by Nicholas Erwin, on Flickr Sugar House by Nicholas Erwin...
  3. nerwin

    Old Tractor

    I saw this while on my walk today. I don't bring my camera, although I probably should. 7 mile round trip, I don't have a good bag to carry a camera that long of a distance. But I'm VERY happy with my Google Pixel 7.
  4. Articuno

    ~ Fall for wild mushrooms ~

    A little late this year, but I went on a few mushroom hunts. 🍄 Did you see some astonishing species, or have you made some stunning shots? I'd love to see yours 😍 I was lucky to see this guy this year 🥰. Amanita muscaria
  5. Somu

    Fall Colors in California

    Guys - any recommendations this year? With COVID, felt like it's a good idea to go on a day trip or one night stay trip from Bay Area....
  6. Destin

    Autumn Waterfalls - Stony Brook State Park

    Hey guys, Sunday morning I went to Stony Brook State Park (NY) to photograph some waterfalls with the fall foliage. Unfortunately, we're past peak and most of the leaves were on the ground. I'm still happy with the end results though, and wanted to share them with you. All were taken with my...
  7. Destin

    I'm back.. with some Adirondack Foliage

    Hey all, I know I haven't been on here in a long while and I sort of just disappeared. It was partially due to being busy - I'm going back to school while working full time and trying to maintain some semblance of a life - and partially just because my passion for photography had temporarily...
  8. D7K

    Golden Grasses

    Taken shortly after sunrise on a fall morning in the mountain. I purposely played around with DoF to try and get one or two of the grasses tack sharp and the rest of the scene faded.. Shot on D850 w/ 24-70 2.8 @ f/4. Processed and cropped in LR/PS.
  9. R

    Autumn sunrise

    After my teenage son woke me up to drive him somewhere haveng missed the tram (!) I decided to enjoy the early start and try to capture the beautiful sunrise. Hope you like them. This has a slightly tilted horizon but I like the mood. Autumn sunrise by Roger Wade, on Flickr The flare here...
  10. M

    Warm Colors on Cold River (Berkshires Fall Colors)

    This is Cold River, an offshoot of the bigger Deerfield River near Charlemont, in the Berkshires. Right by the Mohawk Trail campground, and the trailheads of a few trails that we hiked. Warm Colors on Cold River
  11. D7K

    Autumn Landscape - C&C

    As the fields have been harvested and we were travelling to a gorge in the north, I stopped to smoke a cigarette and wanted to get a few shots of these bales and this landscape we were passing through. I've done a basic edit on this one but I'm undecided if I like it, Be interested to hear any...
  12. travelguy92

    Tennessee hiking (waterfalls!)

    Tennessee always takes forever to turn colors, which I kind of like and kind of hate. Fall is my favorite time of year and its always frustrating to watch the rest of the world get color while I'm still sitting in 85 and humid with lots of green. That being said... our fall colors usually last...
  13. nerwin

    Welcome to Vermont

    I've taken a picture of this barn years ago, almost 10 years ago with a Sony DSC-H50 when I was just getting into photography. The funny thing is, this barn is only a mile or two from my house and it took 10 years for me to go back. Back around 2008 this barn wasn't really much, it was your...
  14. nerwin

    I don't have to travel far for autumn!

    I guess one of the benefits of living in Vermont is the fact I don't have to go very far for fall picture. I took this shot literally 2-3 miles from my house haha. Now you'd think this woulden't be a busy road, but trust me...it's travelled...A LOT. Took me about 30 minutes to manage to capture...
  15. nerwin

    Autumn is here...

    I may not be looking toward the white stuff that always seems to fall after this season but I can't deny the beauty that the autumn season has. Nikon D610 + 70-200 f/4 VR @ 200mm 1/500th, f/5.6, ISO 360
  16. nerwin

    Autumn is coming...

    I was walking around my lawn getting some fresh air, wasn't really taking pictures but just taking a break from something and I looked down and saw this really red leaf laying there and I picked it up and took this picture with my phone! It made me realize the change is inevitable, it's coming...
  17. S

    Fall Photos

    Hi and peace to all, This is some of my fall photos...
  18. ganafbbyx

    How do i make my photos better

    I really dont know if its te way i take the photos or how i dont knkw how to edit them. Please give me feed back in to what im not doing right. I want sharp deep in color photos! Heres photos i did on a one year old. Instagram photo by Morgana Kaled • Nov 9, 2015 at 6:01pm UTC Thanks
  19. D-B-J

    Autumn in the White Mountains

    Hey everyone! I went to New Hampshire on Saturday.... over 500 miles of driving, 14 hours total time, 500+ photos, and all along I encountered rain, snow, sleet, clouds, and even some blue skies. My first stop was right before Franconia Notch begins, at the Flume Gorge. I have shots of the...
  20. katsrevenge

    From a Bike Ride in Early Fall

    Thoughts? I'm not too sure about this one. When I had the trees correct, then the background was a bit bright. It's a nice place to ride. I just liked the flair on this.