film cameras

  1. nerwin

    My film drawer

    I figured I should take care of my working film cameras instead of them sitting on my desk collection dust when I'm not using them haha. The only other film camera that isn't pictured is my Yashica FR-II that I am currently shooting with and testing.
  2. D

    Canon Eos-1n film camera problem

    Hi there! I'm using a film camera canon eos-1n with a grip (power driver booster e1) since last year and I was so happy to find such a great camera! But since last week I'm having an issue with it. After turning the camera on, the shutter realases by itself. After that I can't take anymore...
  3. NGH

    Good morning!

    Don't know why I never joined this site before but here I am now. I'm a an amateur of about 30 years since getting my first SLR (a brick of a Zenit). I recent years I have become a bit of a collector mostly using Voigtländers due to a hand me down from my father. I use both film and digital...
  4. shootfilm

    I need your feedback: Analog Camera and Film Website/App

    Hey, film photography lovers! I need your help for an analog photography related side project of mine. I am a freelance web-developer and currently working on a website/web application that conveniently shows all available analog cameras out there and additionally provides detailed information...
  5. S

    Websites similar to

    Hello Trying to evaluate my options for purchasing a used medium format film camera. The most obvious first option to most is for their high range of stock. However due to their inability to disclose critical information, such as shutter count, accurate product observations, I don't...