1. S

    Real Estate Photographer wanting other sources of income

    I am a Professional Real Estate Photographer and have photographed about 6000+ homes and businesses since I got started. I shoot about 5 to 8 houses per day and spend my late nights processing photos. I have tried outsourcing the processing with unsatisfactory results. I am trapped working every...
  2. davidbeckphoto

    Do photos need to "represent" something or have deeper meaning?

    I'm what some call a lifestyle photographer, meaning my images collectively portray and promote a certain way of being. A lot of my shots are candid, raw, unedited, and unapologetically in-the-moment which I believe adds to the believability and impact of the images. My number one critique from...
  3. Skiiandme

    Editing, a bad thing?

    Hi! I'm a newbie photographer. No background in photography. I only do self study, and so far I learned to balance ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. I do get good photos (I think), and I learned from previous thread that I created, to appreciate the limits of my gear and use it to its full...
  4. T

    Sports Photography in Gallery

    Hey, I might have an opportunity to display some of my art in a gallery soon and I need some advice. I have photos of action shots in various sports as any sports photographer should have, but I want to shoot a series of photographs that have a gallery appeal but a sports feel. Possibly like...
  5. P

    Photography Ideas

    Hello everybody, I want everyone here to share some photo ideas that can be done at home. I hope everybody will like this thread. Share your ideas down! :) :)