1. C

    Hello from McKinney!

    Good day all! Just signed up and wanted to say hello. I just found this site minutes ago and decided to sign up. Hoping to learn from all the smart photographers here and share the little I know with others. I work fulltime in IT but do photography part time. I do event, and family portrait...
  2. J

    Hello From Sunny Los Angeles!

    Hi all! I started my PhotoForum account last year, but I never took the time to introduce myself to the apologies :02.47-tranquillity:. My name is Joe and I am an amateur photographer based in Los Angeles. I joined this site originally to have a specific question answered, but...
  3. Seven_Dawg

    Sali from Switzerland

    Morning guys, new member from Switzerland here. I'm a relatively new photographer and blogger who likes to take pictures of basically everything that comes in front of my lens when I carry it with me (which is almost all the time). Also experimenting with taking & editing some videos...
  4. jjfunckphotography

    My introduction

    Hey everyone. I joined this site due to me wanting helpful critique, discussion with fellow members, & gather inspiration for myself. So, my name is JJ, I'm from Louisiana, U.S.A. I do nature photography, little bits of other's. I started with a Kodak camera about two years ago, (because it was...
  5. shutterbabe86


    Hi! My name's Andrea and I have a love for photography that's been around since I was 15, which is when I first started shooting. Now I'm 31. I've been shooting off and on since, but a couple years ago I decided to try and make it a part time business. This is my first time joining a photography...
  6. H

    Greetings from NJ (god's country!)

    Just saying hello. Was looking for an active forum with monthly photo projects. Shoot film OM and Nikon, iPhone for digital.
  7. P

    Greetings and Salutations

    Hello everyone, name's Ian. I know a fair bit about photography, I've been shooting with a DSLR since 2009 and I have a diploma in photo imaging. Of course, that said, there's always more to learn, so I'll be asking plenty of questions. I'm based in the western suburbs of Sydney, Australia...
  8. ZarihsRetoucher

    New Retoucher & Photographer

    Hello Friends this is Zarihs I am a professional Photographer and well known Retoucher. Hope these forums will be usefull for me. Love to meet with new people and discussing ideas. Zarihs High End Retouching
  9. VoyagerXyX

    Greetings from North Bay, California

    Hey everyone! My name is Alex and I'm hardly a professional. I've been doing photography as a passive hobby for about five years. A couple months ago I got into film and it changed the way I look at photography as an art. I'm really enjoying photography in a way I don't think I was able to...
  10. WhaleDaughter

    Vintage Cameras as Stress Relief

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the group and wanted to introduce myself. I self describe myself as an enthusiastic amateur photographer. I started young but was regularly discouraged. Then a few years ago a wrist injury made knitting difficult and painful, so I cast about for something to keep me from...
  11. VincentPaul

    Hello everyone!

    Hi my name is Vincent I am a photographer in the DC area. I've been shooting for about 5 years now collectively and after a few months away, photography and I have recently gotten back together. I currently own a Canon Rebel T3 which I will be upgrading to my first full frame camera...
  12. F

    Howdy From Dallas!

    Howd Photo Forum Members! I'm Frank and I've recently joined this forum. I'm not quite a photographer, but own and operate a hand made photo album and photo print and frame business. I'd be glad to assist anyone that might have questions on post processing related to printing. I also look...
  13. RewindPhotoLab


    Hello Mates, I am new here. Glad to join this community and get in touch with you all. :)
  14. Goldfinger.Photography

    A new Duo :)

    Hello Guys :) nice to meet ya^^ We are two freinds which startet this project a week ago. we hope to create a bunch of beautiful photographs. if you are interested you can check us out. :) Faceboook: Goldfinger Photography | Facebook Website: Goldfinger Photography Instagram...
  15. Yug

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello Everyone! My name is Yug and Iโ€™m from India. My passion for photography started when I was in Dubai last year on a business assignment. So I bought Canon 750D with kit lens (18-55mm, 50mm) and Canon 55-250mm lens. I struggled initially in clicking correctly exposed photos and hence...
  16. PersistentNomad


    Hey all, I'm a hobbyist photographer who got into the craft while I was at grad school. So, 7 years or so now I've been shooting mostly nature photography with a wedding or event or two thrown into the mix. I'm newly a stay-at-home mom, and I'm hoping to find some part time work as a photo...
  17. wacky941

    Hello from Texas

    I would just like to start my time here by saying hello to everyone. I've had camera's pretty much my whole life but, I consider myself to be a hobbyist/novice. I have digital cameras and accessories that I really enjoy using but lately, I'm starting to revert back to my film cameras that I...
  18. S

    Hi There

    My name is Sumit Kumar Pandit. I'm by profession an Application Developer in SAP.ABAP. But, I have affinity towards photography. I actually have gone through too many things from web designing, animation to film making and what not. But my creative mind found it's peace when I picked up a...
  19. BrettMikaluk

    Hello from Alberta!

    Hey there! my name is Brett! I'm new to the site and thought I would introduce myself seeing as there's a place to do it anyways! So my name is Brett, I'm 18, I attend Grant MacEwan University in Edmonton (I'm taking graphic design) and I shoot almost entirely on film! (I shoot with my Minolta...
  20. stillbinary

    Newbie here saying hello!

    Just saying hello to the photoforum community and introducing myself! I'm a consultant travelling extensively around the world taking pictures along the way. Having no constructive feedback on my pictures, I decided to publish them on this website StillBinary where I also share my feedback...