1. nerwin

    Should I ditch the desktop for a laptop?

    For all the years I've been working on computers, I never owned a laptop. I've always just built my own PC with the specs I needed, it was significantly cheaper at the time and laptops just weren't as powerful but today this just isn't the case anymore. There are laptops out there that...
  2. NGH

    New laptop for Lightroom (and possibly Photoshop)

    I've been using an HP Envy 17inch for a number of years and been very happy with it. But it is showing signs of age (battery life and performance) and it's time to replace. I have never used a Mac and so don't really see that as an option for me (too stuck in my ways). I am currently looking at...
  3. T

    Which laptop will be best for editing photos and videos

    I am an enthusiast and professional photographer. I want to buy a laptop to edit my photos and videos and playing games in free time. Can anyone suggest the best laptop which I can buy? My budget for the laptop is Rs. 50000.
  4. alex_ethridge

    What computer should I get??

    Good morning from Southern Alabama! I have been editing my photos on a MAC book air for about a year now and have been pleased with quality, processing, and storage...but I still prefer a windows computer. I have been doing some heavy research on the Surface Pro (latest version) and cannot...
  5. purpleroan

    Running a macbook through an external monitor

    Hey everyone! I'm looking to upgrade my laptop this year, and have decided on a macbook pro. I know most photographers would point me towards the 15" becasue of the larger screen, but I'm a student as well and have decided on the top-spec'd 13" due to increased portability. I wish to purchase an...