1. Igal-K

    Need a wide angle lens recommendation

    Hello, I need a recommendation for an excellent DX format wide angle lens for my Nikon D500. The budget is ~ $2,500 (obviously preferably much less, but if it's worth it - can even get a little higher). Requirements: Not prime lens Razor sharp As fast as possible Ability to screw on filters As...
  2. E

    Beginner Lens Purchase Question

    Hey everyone, So I am VERY new to taking photos/videos with DSLR cameras. I just purchased a Canon T6i that came with an EF-S 18-55mm lens. I still have some cash left over and I'm looking at other lenses, especially while Canon's "Best In Glass" sale is happening, and I was hoping for some...
  3. T

    what lens to buy after your kit lens?

    I am beginning to enthusiast photographer , I bought a tamron 70-300mm and now I am really searching for a good quality walk-around lens , with a wide aperture , my budget is 1000 USD
  4. F

    Older SLRs

    Hi, I have a few older SLRs and lenses that I would like to find a new home for. Would anyone be willing to help me establish the value of them? Please avise if this is not the right forum to ask this. Thanks.
  5. T

    No AF Motor In Camera Explanation? Nikon D5600 for a Beginner? Help Please

    Hello, I am a total newcomer to photography and I wanted a long lasting DSLR before diving right into it. I ordered the Nikon 5600 from Amazon but I just found out it doesn't have an AF motor. It sounds bad but I still don't know the disadvantages. Could someone explain it to me? What does the...
  6. P

    What Wide/Ultrawide Lenses Are There?

    I am using a Canon body with aps-c sensor which is to consider but needing it for skate, and small venue concert photography. I was looking into the Tamron 10-24mm 3.5 but was curious if there were any out there with similar focal range that were zoom but a better aperture at least 2.8 or better...
  7. L

    50mm or 35mm (f1.8) FOR D3400?

    Recently got a Nikon D3400 for christmas and I was interested in getting a nice cheap lens aside from the kit lenses. I came down to the nikon 50mm 1.8 and the 35mm 1.8 however I'm still not entirely sure about the role the DX and FX frames play in the lens. Would I be wasting money to buy a FX...
  8. B

    Could I somehow use my old Solingor lenses with my new Nikon D3300 DSLR?

    Hello everyone! One of my friends gave me a Fujica AX-5 SLR and two Solingor lenses that can be mounted to it. (Solingor C/D Zoom + Macro, 100-500 mm, 1:5.6-7.5, 72 mm diameter and Solingor C/D Zoom + Macro, 28-200 mm, 1:3.5-5.3, 72 mm diameter) I have a Nikon D3300 DSLR that I use everyday...
  9. Andrew_Smith

    Which Lens(es) Should I Get?

    Hello all, So I am in a bit of a dilemma in which lens or lenses (depending on the price) to get. My current gear: Canon 1200D Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM Macro Lens Canon EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 III Let me give you a backdrop for my story: I bought a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 L IS USM Macro Lens...
  10. Murray Frost

    Lighting My Photography!

    In my 6 years of photography, the biggest question I get is "how do I get that well light look"? Well, first, have some good glass. I know, may people say that use what you have and they are right. Don't let your equipment hinder your creative process, but there needs to be a growing point at...
  11. joshuatdlr

    70-300 or 70-200L?

    I am debating whether to buy the soon to be released Canon 70-300 mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM, or the Canon 70-200 mm f/4L USM. They are nearly the same price and I am torn. I am in need of a new telephoto lens. Currently there is little information on the 70-300, but the specifications seem promising...
  12. E

    Need help choosing a lens!!

    Ok so I just recently picked up a canon 70d. I want to shoot cars during the night where I will be using a tripod. I was considering the canon 24mm or the 50mm but both have their ups and downs. I would also be interested in shooting the city at night. I also want a lens for night time videos...
  13. B

    Alternatives to Canon lenses?

    Greetings everyone! I'll be getting a Canon Mark III shortly (crazy excited about that), and was wondering if there are any alternative lens brands that deliver the same/close second punch that the Canon lens family will, and are easier on the pockets? I understand nothing beats certain...
  14. D

    Really need help, buying a new camera

    Hello! I am getting more into photography, and I am thinking about buying a new camera. I sold my old camera and lenses, and I am completly ok with trying a new system. My budget is around 1200 euros. I'll be mostly doing landscapes, some plane spotting, Wildlife and a little bit of all the...
  15. E

    Did I make a good decision to buy these lenses?

    I have a Nikon D5100, what I use for shooting videos. I've got a 18-55mm lens but, lately I'm starting to feel the need to buy new lenses. Sometimes I have to shoot my videos in small spaces (like in a small room), so I thought I'd buy a Tokina AT-X PRO 116 11-16mm F/2.8 DX II AF Lens. I read...
  16. L

    Nikon 50mm 1.4g vs 1.8g. Which one should I buy?

    I'm looking forward to buy 50mm lens, but I can't decide which should I get 1.8g or 1.4. Please help
  17. L

    Portrait lens recommendations for Nikon D5200

    Hi. I have nikon d5200 with 18-55mm lens and i want to buy some equipment for professional photography. I'm looking forward to buy 50mm, 35mm and 85mm lenses. 85mm lens is a bit expensive so I'm looking for an alternative, cheaper version of it. Need some advices about it. Thanks :1247:
  18. H

    I need help deciding new lenses

    Hello everyone, I would like to purchase a some new lenses for my full frame Canon 6D. However, I am still confused on which gear would better suit my purposes. For example, imagine I need to photograph people during an event (art exhibition, concert, club) and I want to get some nice mid...
  19. J@ckie8

    Everyday Lens Suggestions

    Hi there! I wanted to know what is your favorite everyday lens. I have a few Nikon lenses I use but I feel like I need a new one that I don't need to be switching often. One with decent zoom and not a hassle to travel with. I have two prime lenses and the kit ones. Any suggestions? Jackie
  20. maketroli

    What are the best lenses for Canon t5 ?

    Hello, friends I just bought a Canon t5, I am not a pro, I just bought this camera for fun and it takes very nice pictures, it does what I want, I've been reading about this type of cameras and if you want to improve the quality of the pictures you need to buy better lenses. I am actually...