1. C

    [USA] Used Panasonic Lumix G7 Mirrorless Camera Bundle with Viltrox Ef-M2 II Speed-booster.FOR SALE

    Hey all! I'm selling my Lumix G7. It is in "Like New" condition, as I didn't own it very long or use it extensively. It is an awesome camera if you want to shoot 4k video on a budget or capture some great stills. I am asking $625 This is a bundle that includes: \-Lumix G7 Camera Body...
  2. C

    lumix lx100 hdmi to mac book

    I have a lumix lx100 I would like to know if using the hdmi port I could i live view it on a macbook
  3. F

    Is there an S1h Killer (incoming)?

    Hello there, In the last few months I have been watching for a new camera in the price range of 1000-4000 dollars or euros to buy for shortfilm projects and maybe photography (this for me is a secondary aspect I do not need that much because I have another cheaper photography-only cam but which...
  4. DaveFilmsThings

    Which camera should I buy?

    Hi there! It's Dave. I own a SONY Alpha 58, and it has been suficient for me in the last five years, but now I think it's time to get a more ambitious camera for film. The aspects I care the most about are the dynamic range and the image resolution. I have seen that many people care a lot...
  5. Novecento

    Lumix G80/85 goes to video

    Hello, I made this video mostly with Lumix G80 about Minsk, Belarus. I hope you can like it: Best Regards Franco Novecento Buttiglieri
  6. annabelle.koopman

    Beginner Camera Selection

    Hi there, I'm new to photography, and am wanting to upgrade from just taking photos on my iPhone. I've looked around online a fair bit and am quite interested in mirrorless cameras, as well as film cameras. I'm hoping to find some opinions on which of these camera types would be best/better to...