macro photography

  1. K

    Jewelry photography first attempt

    Today was my first attempt on jewelry photography. I'm using Canon 700d with Sigma 105mm f2.8 OS. I took a couple photos but not impressed so far. My lighting setup is two soft box on the sides and one light on the top. I diffused the light from all sides. Here 2 photos...
  2. J

    Eye Photography

    Hey everyone! Last week I found some cool, professional images of iris on the internet and I had to figure out how those shots were taken. After a week of try and error I finally got some great results which I want to share with you. I created a short video which shows some techniques and...
  3. marilyn777

    Macro Photography Help with my Fuji Finepix S5200

    Hello I'm a beginner with macro photography. I have only used the auto settings on my Fuji Film Finepix S5200. Recently I've wanted to branch out and explore the other settings on my camera like S, M, A. My special area of interest is macro. I have taken some pretty decent photos on auto but...
  4. jeadows

    Advice & recommendations for macro.

    Hi all, I've been thinking about upgrading my current system sometime over the coming months and I was interested to know if whether any brand does macro better than the other? I currently use a Nikon D3200 paired with my sigma 105mm macro but I have been thinking for a little while about...