1. primefactor123

    How do I stop being a noob on here?

    I've been a TPF noob for quite some time. How much time do I have to spend on here to move up?
  2. Shutterstuck

    Help with product photos

    Hey y'all, I hope it's okay to ask this here. If I were to urge a business, say this bed- and matress retailer (who's only online, by the way), to focus on the benefits of better and more luxurious product photos, what are two–three technical issues I could highlight? I should mention that I'm...
  3. DesireeP

    Exploring lakes and back roads in Florida.

    Living in Florida has its ups and downs but if you're able to find that one special road that leads to the middle of nowhere you're bound to find beauty wherever you turn. Enjoying the solitude while I explore and take some photos to practice shooting in manual. I turned my Black and White...
  4. H

    Rebel 2000 Pop Up Flash Not Firing

    I have been looking around to find a solution to my problem. I have not been able to find any information on any Canon camera that has been of any use. I'm asking here to see if anyone can give some ideas as to my problem. I am also very new to photography. I have only been shooting film for the...
  5. Salmah


    Hi everyone! :D I'm Salmah, from Aus. I have been into photography for a few years now, but my 'switching from auto to manual stage' has been taking quite a while.... Anyway, I'm hoping to connect with the rest of the photography community and get advice, tips, etc, etc etc! Cheers :)
  6. E

    first gig shooting at a music festival

    Hello All! I just got into photography about 6 months ago. My friend is dj'ing a music festival and he was able to bring me along to shoot his set. I know i probably wont be allowed on stage when the headlining dj comes on,so I'm not hoping for that.I should able to get good picks from the pit...
  7. ltcvnzl

    when to choose black and white?

    Hi, often I set my camera on black and white while photographing – I think I can see the photo better in the camera screen this way, not sure if it's wrong or it just doesn't affect anything at all. So when I'm editing I often check the photo both ways and I have a hard time deciding each way to...
  8. adutchtraveller

    I NEED A CAMERA!! Any help?

    So hello! My name is Danny Mellema, a traveller from the Netherlands. I am of age 20. Soon I will be departing my country on a trip across the globe. With this, I would like many extreme quality pictures for my blog and instagram. To capture perfectly the tall, fierce mountain that stands...
  9. F

    First Time on Photo Forum, Been Shooting for About 3.5 Years

    Hey all. My name is Logan! These are some of my best/favourite shots. I have never really had more than 3 or 4 unique people critique my photos ever, so a larger body of criticism would be really appreciated. I'm a bit colourblind and am always scratching my head looking at my shots and if...
  10. Skiiandme

    Editing, a bad thing?

    Hi! I'm a newbie photographer. No background in photography. I only do self study, and so far I learned to balance ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. I do get good photos (I think), and I learned from previous thread that I created, to appreciate the limits of my gear and use it to its full...
  11. Skiiandme


    Hey guys! I'm new to this forum, and most definitely new in Photography. I did not go to a photography class or any training schools. I have very small knowledge on photography nothing more than adjusting Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed and using Nikon D60. I have a little background on using...
  12. jbrunet6

    My first photos

    Hi people, today I'm going to post my first photos (Some of they were taken some time ago using my phne but I think they are cool, the lake one is new) I hope you can tell me what is wrong. Some were shoted in Auto cause I don't know how to manage Manual well enough, I will hang out with a...
  13. DesertFilth

    How much should i spend on an old film camera?(First camera)

    I hate using the word vintage but I want to achieve the older look of each photo I know they're obviously new cameras that can do the same thing.But I really want a film camera and I know there's ways to develop your film still.I was looking into buying a canon ae-1 watch accessories should I...
  14. jhenry436

    Hello from a beginner teen :)

    First photo i have tried to edit using software called LightZone, all feedback is helpful, photo taken in Donegal, Ireland
  15. V

    Teenager Photographer (Advice please)

    Hi everyone, my name is Vontoux and I'm 15 years old. I just start out in photography about a year ago and wanted to see if my skill level increase or not. I did my best to improve my shot as well, like watching tips, viewing pictures online, read photography magazine and lastly go out and take...
  16. B

    Help a noob decide!

    Hey photographers! New guy on the block. Recently photography has really caught my attention. I am looking for a camera and a lens most suitable for my interests. I would really appreciate it if some of you more experienced photographers could point me in the right direction! I live in the...
  17. DesertFilth

    What camera will help me get a vintage/retro type look for video and picture?

    Hello I'm new to this all and what not,getting into photography has been something I've always had in mind but no time I will use that as an excuse.I'm a newbie when it comes to cameras(.) I've always had an interest but no time like I said BUT now I have the time to ask a couple of...