1. B

    Trying to understand Point and Shoot Film camera Modes

    Hi! I recently purchased a Pentax Espio 738 point and shoot film camera and I’m having trouble trying to gage what ‘mode’ to use. It has multiple different modes (flash, bulb, daylight etc.) however I am never quite sure which one to use. Is it better to use the default mode (no icon displayed...
  2. F

    Creating a home studio for taking pictures of clothes

    Hello dear friends I have a lot of clothes that I want to wear them to the mannequin and photograph for my own work. Until now, it was like that I was taking photos and give them to the graphic artist to remove the mannequin with Photoshop and just use the photo of the dress alone. It is very...
  3. M

    Cyanotype safety and disposal of chemicals

    Hi everyone, I am currently studying a new course and have been told that I cant use cyanotype because of the hazards of the disposals of potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate. I believe the two chemicals mixed together in the quantities used for cyanotype are safe to use and...
  4. T

    Which laptop will be best for editing photos and videos

    I am an enthusiast and professional photographer. I want to buy a laptop to edit my photos and videos and playing games in free time. Can anyone suggest the best laptop which I can buy? My budget for the laptop is Rs. 50000.
  5. D

    New camera

    Hey people, I'm new to the forum and I have a question. I travel a lot, and I want a good camera. Not even sure what the perfect type of camera would be, but I'd like a dslr. I'm looking for a camera good for both video and photography. The only limitation would be the price, as I'm looking...
  6. Mchedgerphotography

    Photography- promoting

    Hey there everyone! So I have been dabbling in photography and now that I have everything together I’m looking to actually make it into a business! Now, I need some help with the marketing aspect because I get TONS of hits VIA Facebook, craigslist but most of them fall through! I don’t post a...
  7. S

    Hello Mate!

    I am Jack Daniel, interested in wedding photgraphy and videography. No doubt, we are supposed to discuss the topics of photography here. But can any one share or want to discuss the wedding photgraphy and videography topics here? As I tolk above I am interested in the subject and want to gain...