1. nerwin

    Found a Polaroid Land Automatic 100

    I been trying to collect some interesting cameras for fun, I don't have much intentions on using them unless they use film that's still being produced today. My goal is to find interesting cameras only while thrifting or yard sales/flea markets rather than just finding them online. It's gives me...
  2. W

    Which ND filter will I need?

    Hello all, I use an analog Polaroid Big Shot camera. It has an f24 lens on the lightest setting and an f55 on the darkest. It has a fixed shutter speed of 1/52. This camera can also only be used with a MagiCube (flash). Now I have a question. This camera is set for ISO 80-100 pack film, which...
  3. B

    Found a Polaroid 250 Land Camera in the trash (need help)

    Hello, today I found an old Polaroid in the trash, and it's in amazing shape (for being thrown away at least). The only real damage was to the battery connectors, so I hooked up a lipo battery to it. I know what type of film it needs, but I have no idea where to find it, everything on / in the...
  4. F

    What camera is being used?! SOS

    :1219:Hi guys! I recently went trought a guy's intagram and I found some really cool polaroid pics and since the only polaroid photos I've seen are those taken with Fujifilms or Instax which are way smaller and not so wide. I thought maybe you guys could give me a hint of which camera the pics...
  5. A

    Polaroid 545 PN Film Holder

    When Polaroid discontinued the films they offered for this single sheet holder, I thought I now had a new door stop. Then, not long ago, New 55 PN film became available - New55 FILM | Real photography – without a darkroom. and the 545 is useful again. Unfortunately, I no longer have any 4X5...
  6. A

    Polaroid Wink Light Film?

    Hey all, So I recently came into possession of a old Polaroid film camera with a Polaroid Wink-Light flash attached, (I am not sure what type of Polaroid camera this is). The back where you load the film says it uses 2000 speed film. I have been looking all over the internet this morning trying...
  7. A

    Any Vintage Photo Enthusiasts Out There?

    Hi everyone, I'm Abe and hoping to grow my group of friends that collect vintage photography. I'm also a great lover of black and white photography. So, if you are either of those types whether a black and white photographer, collector (or vintage photo enthusiast/ Americana and/or old photos...
  8. L

    Polaroid 55 film and 550 holder

    I have a opened box with 20x polaroid 55 film and another box with 550 holder. Is anyone interested in these? They haven't always been refrigerated.