Polaroid Wink Light Film?


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May 26, 2017
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Hey all,

So I recently came into possession of a old Polaroid film camera with a Polaroid Wink-Light flash attached, (I am not sure what type of Polaroid camera this is). The back where you load the film says it uses 2000 speed film. I have been looking all over the internet this morning trying to find the film, but I can't seem to find anything that matches it or is a replicate. Does anyone know if this film still exists, called something different that I can find to purchase? (I'm a little new to film photography, even if this is Polaroid film!) Thanks!
chances are film for it is no longer available. people sometimes convert them to use other film like 120 film. unless it's a model 250 or something similar. then you can buy recently discontinued film for much money. but they didn't have a 2000 speed setting, so probably not what you have.
I think Polaroid Land had 3000 ASA film in a number of sizes and the 3000 ASA film was for use with the Wink Light.

Looking at the dates it seems they may have been trying to give people a reason to use black and white as so many were jumping over to color in the early '60's.

Like my sisters SX-70, this is just another camera best left on the shelf.

Was it a camera used in your family? Do you have any images from the camera taken by the original owner?
If you post a picture, we can be more sure of the model.

If it's peel-apart, then you can find discontinued-but-still-available Fujifilm 100C or 3000B. If it takes integrated film like the SX-70s or the 600 series, then Impossible Project makes film.

The film is expensive, but available. Unless it's a very old model that takes roll film.

Again, post a picture of the camera for more specific answers.
I can't think offhand which Polaroids used wink lights as there were various types of flashes over the years. I agree, a picture or model number on the camera would help.
my two land cameras have wink lights. mine are 900 electric eyes though.
dont think u can get film for those.
shame, they are in mint condition.
Sorry to see the rwhirled Polaroid site cited on Wikimedia seems to be down... that had great lists of all the years that various Polaroids were made, etc.

I'm thinking the wink light was used on somewhat older Land cameras that might have used roll film. Someone already mentioned there are people that do conversions. Option8 is one, try him on ebay or Facebook (can't think of his real name) and see if he's still doing conversions (but I think they're something of an expense).

Or it may end up being a cool display piece. Or without the flash you can do a one time long exposure I think on photo paper (the kind used in a darkroom not a printer) which would be pretty experimental.
Try Film Photography Project | An Internet Radio Show & On-Line Resource for Film Shooters Worldwide and see what you find or ask on their Flickr page/discussion group.
The one I had (I think my dad bought it maybe in the early 60's) used a pull apart film that had to be coated. Print size was around 4x5. I last found film for it in the early 80's and that film was expired. Worked though. That one was taken in a burglary along with some m42 mount stuff.

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