1. birdbonkers84

    AI Clear VS DeNoise Topaz Labs

    Hey, I'm looking at getting Either AI Clear or DeNoise, but I don't really know which one would be best for Wildlife/Astro? Does anyone have any experience or examples with either of these? I've watched the introduction videos for both and they both look super. Thanks
  2. nicolasnico

    Selling pictures & post-processing?

    hi everyone, my question: if I sell my picture (or give them), does the person who buys (receives) the picture has the right to edit the picture in post-processing? In my opinion, one you've post-processed your own picture, you have the right to tell others not to change it and make it look...
  3. nicolasnico

    Postprocessing (feedback)

    hi everyone, Wanted to ask some feedback on the two version of this picture I took in Kyrgyzstan where I live. My favorite version is the second one, but would you see anything that should be changed in my post-processing? thank you!
  4. nicolasnico

    Lightroom: graduated filters

    hi everyone, in Lightroom, when you use the graduated filter, you can use that image overlay color that allows you to see where the effect is applied. Now, I could go to 'color' and add a color, then take it out. But I've heard there's another option to go back and forth to see with/without...
  5. L

    Have you seen these chemical stains?

    Hi all! I got some film of mine developed at a lab and I've been seeing these weird shadow-y marks around the sprockets. the lab uses Fuji chemistry and I shoot both Kodak and Fuji, weirdly enough I only see it on Kodak film. Let me know if you have any ideas of what it could be!
  6. nicolasnico

    Post-processing: looking for help!

    hi everyone, I'm working on some of my pictures (post-processing). And I'm struggling (getting lost with all the tools, not reaching a satisfying result...). I've posted some pictures on that forum and it's helpful. But would anyone be willing to discuss through the post-processing process...
  7. nicolasnico

    Post-processing: suggestion on that picture...

    hi, I have much to learn in post-processing (obviously?). Any advice on the here enclosed picture? (there is the initial version: too dark and not processed) and some attempts I've made on it with Lightroom 5.7.1. and Nik collection. Any advice? (One of the thing: there's this kind of halo in...