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Sep 19, 2016
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hi everyone,
in Lightroom, when you use the graduated filter, you can use that image overlay color that allows you to see where the effect is applied. Now, I could go to 'color' and add a color, then take it out.
But I've heard there's another option to go back and forth to see with/without that color. I can't find that option, and it doesn't appear in the Tool bar below the picture. (I've tried the different keys: O, T, H... but can't find it). Any suggestions? ...
hey, thanks! Yeah, that's the problem: i can't find that tick box. I watched a tutorial video and it's on there, at least it seemed. But on my Lightroom (5.7.1), it doesn't show up. Could it be I have to use some shortcut key to have the whole tool things appear below the picture? or is this somewhere in a kind of "Preferences" option list?
Pressing the "T" key should have it show up at the bottom of the frame then check the box

If that doesn't work can you show us a screenshot?
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hi, thanks! Yeah, I had tried the T key. The only things that shows up at the bottom of the picture is the stuff on the screenshot (here enclosed). What do you think? Would I be I missing something?


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