1. H

    What am I doing wrong with my film??

    Hi, just recently bought a film camera and I have been experimenting around. I was just wondering what I am doing wrong which leads to sections of my developed and scanned film having black patches. Attached are a few examples, some are more extreme than the other as you can see. Also I don't...
  2. M

    What high quality compact camera suggested?

    Hi, i have been taking pictures over 25 years as traveling around the world. I have done a photography course, though I admit I do not know much about photography in the technical sense. However my photographs are beautifully composed and people like them and me too. I owned a professional...
  3. M

    Travel photography and great shots/total shots

    Hi all! Just want to drop this question to the forum and see if I am the only one experiencing this, and how others have dealt with it. A very short foreword: I got my first film reflex when I was 8, have started shooting in digital when I was 14 or so with a compact advanced camera, got my...
  4. M

    Beginner looking for help!

    Hi experts, I need some help with what I believe is my camera skills. I have 2 photos here that are both taken with the same camera ( Canon t5i and 18-55mm lens). My problem is that I am not able to match the quality with the first picture. 1st picture looks more clear/sharp/focused as well as...
  5. S

    DPI for canvas print

    For my mom's birthday we had a photoshoot with the grandchildren. The photo we would like to print on a canvas is 3530 x 2353 and the desired size is 140 cm x 933 cm. Now the software says that the DPI is too low. Can somebody please help? Is there a way to change the DPI or is the quality of...
  6. S

    How big should I be able to make my photos?

    Hi, Sorry if this is a silly question. Sometimes when I'm looking at how sharp my photos are, I zoom in and look of course. I usually know what's "sharp enough" I suppose. Aside from that though, how do I know if the quality of my image is good? Some photos I take will look great when they are...
  7. P

    Any suggestions for nifty tricks to get the best quality still life with DSLR?

    For still life photography are there any nifty tricks I could learn about to get the absolute best quality possible or any other camera addons that would be suggested? I am already using the lowest iso setting. Exposure time is no issue. Should I look into HDR, merging lots of images? Also any...
  8. redbourn

    Photos? For Us of for others?

    Photos? For Us of for others? Although I worked in the film industry for 35 years, I only really got into photography a few months ago because I'm compiling a cookbook. I bought a Nikon d3300 and a Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G lens and then bought a softbox, lights etc and started learning. So what's...