1. D

    Hoping for help with Broken RAWS (CR3)

    Hey Team! Feeling a little silly after shooting a recent job on a dollar store card. I was in a pickle and just grabbed a card. It shot fine & I could review photos but when I got back to the studio, none of the files are readable. I tried some file recovery methods to no avail. I'm hoping...
  2. B

    Is there any value of Unedited Photographs ?

    Hi All, I recently started photography and got a DSLR. I have been following a lot of channel on YouTube and forums like this about photography and realized that taking photo is just the tip of Iceberg, and you HAVE TO KNOW EDITING to make it presentable. I have no grudge with editing and...
  3. photoflyer

    Are any of you shooting in HEIC? (HIF,HEIF)

    I'm wondering if any of you are shooting in this file format and if so what your experience has been. I know it is relatively new and was developed by Apple for the iPhone as a replacement for JPG. It contains more information than JPG and yet is smaller than JPG and of course RAW. My newest...
  4. tzalam_studio

    Looking for newborn studio photography help

    Hello, I am starting a photo studio, mostly for newborn photography, and I would like to get some feedback and help on some of my photos. If you are a newborn photographer, I would love to hear from you, and if you message me I will give you a link to many RAW files from a practice session...
  5. F

    DNG Files: A summary of my research

    I’ve purchased a new Canon camera, one whose RAW format is not supported by my ancient Adobe CS6 tools. One option around buying new software is to convert the new RAW files to DNG format. I started to educate myself on what that might mean. This post is my research, should it prove useful to...
  6. A

    Black corners in photos (not vignette)

    I have recently been shooting with the Canon G7X Mark II, as it's more portable and less "in your face" than my 5DIII. I've noticed that in all of my images, the corners are a solid black colour, and it isn't vignetting. I've been shooting for years and I know what a vignette looks like :')...
  7. M

    Corrupted Card? Can not read all files. Help Please!

    This is the second time this has happened to me and I am in a panic! I am not sure if the culprit is my new Sony A6000 or a bad SD Card. I had mini sessions this morning and after my second family I saw that I could not playback the most recent images in camera. Since this happened once...
  8. N

    How to convert KB photos to MB - help needed

    Hi I have won a photo competition, and the prize is a Print measuring 20" x 16" The organiser asked if I could send the photo via email, which I did. She has now sent another email saying the following ..........."It is only 809kb, so that does not seem right - most raw photo files are 2-3...
  9. F

    My phone is taking blue colored RAW photos

    Hi everyone! I just bought my new Huawei P8 Lite 2017. I think it has a great camera for this price. It does support camera2api, so I have a lot of manual setting. (ISO, Shutter speed, manual focus etc.) But the main camera app doesn't have DNG option. But some third-party apps support it. But...
  10. P

    Bit depth query

    Hey people, This is more of a question for the sake of my own understanding rather than because I'm trying to do anything in particular. If I'm understanding what I've read in various articles online, from a RAW source file you can create either an 8-bit or 16-bit image to edit as you see fit...
  11. S

    RAW to jpg or png ? (not for web images)

    Hi new to the forum this is my first post. i have about 300 RAW images already edited as RAW, i need to convert them now to either JPG or PNG (not Tiff) for further use. i will export in max. size with as little compression as possible (preferably none) Should i go with Jpg or Png ? (aware...
  12. E

    shooting Color and B&W simultaneously

    Hi all, First time here. Just got a D7000 and someone told me I could set the camera to shoot both Color & BW at the same time(camera will produce two pictures) but I cannot figure out how to set this up. Do I need to use both SD slots and then assign instructions for each? Thank in advance for...
  13. K

    Raw Photos Camera Recommendations

    Hi, I am looking for some advice or recommendations on cameras. I am not a professional photographer, I am an Interior Designer and would like to take pictures of my own work, a professional is not needed for every job. I have minimal experience with photography but have experience with...
  14. Blind Bruce

    Cost of shooting raw

    How many less photos will I get if I shoot raw instead of Jpeg?
  15. A

    Raw Exposure

    We're just released the first public beta of new application called Raw Exposure. It is not a raw converter and it does not modify image in any way. It is a an application for raw file exposure analysis. It can show individual pixel raw values, their histogram on photo scale, under/over exposure...
  16. lucassantoslira

    My first shot with Canon 5D Mk II

    Hey guys, whatsup? I've just bought a new camera for my set, a Canon 5D Mk II, although it's not the latest model of 5D still being a GREAT one... This is my first official photo with my new camera (of course after a lots of shots from the wall, glass, cars on the street and another for test)...