My first shot with Canon 5D Mk II


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Jul 1, 2015
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São José dos Campos, Brasil
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Hey guys, whatsup?

I've just bought a new camera for my set, a Canon 5D Mk II, although it's not the latest model of 5D still being a GREAT one...

This is my first official photo with my new camera (of course after a lots of shots from the wall, glass, cars on the street and another for test), this is my daughter, she's 5 months and absolutely cute!

Hope you enjoy! :)

Cute baby.

Enjoy your 5d2. They are excellent
Nice, very nice.
Adorable baby you have there, dad! Congratulations of the new Canon full frame.
I bought my 5D III thinking I would sell my 5D II... but never did. That 5D II is still an excellent camera.

That's a beautiful shot of your daughter!
Great photo and she is a cute little baby, I have two little girls and they always provide me with plenty of stuff to shoot.
Nice shot!

Still using my 5D2 as main camera and see no reason to upgrade to a 5D3. It has one focus point, which is all I need ;)

I might be tempted into a iii if the prices plummet on used models when (if?) the iv comes out.

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