Are any of you shooting in HEIC? (HIF,HEIF)


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Nov 15, 2017
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I'm wondering if any of you are shooting in this file format and if so what your experience has been. I know it is relatively new and was developed by Apple for the iPhone as a replacement for JPG.

It contains more information than JPG and yet is smaller than JPG and of course RAW.

My newest camera supports it. I think (hope) it will gradually be adopted by more and more viewers and editing programs.

This is an "unusable" shot by most definitions but I took it for myself and I am amazed at how much I was able to bring out of the shadows.

Here is the processed HIF image (yes, I know there are lots of flaws but still):


And here is the JPG straight out of camera (resized):


Smaller than JPG and enough information to reveal these details in the shadows and highlights? I'm sold.
As far as I know Canon is the only camera manufacturer to have added HEIC as an option in their most recent cameras so it's still kind of a phone camera only option.

It is better than JPEG -- and makes sense as an eventual JPEG replacement. But like JPEG it's meant to be a lossy compression format. It's odd in that there is a 16 bit option with the HEIC format. I'm not sure but there might also be an option to save without lossy compression which would make the 16 bit option make more sense.

I looked at it awhile ago and although it doesn't produce as severe artifacts as JPEG when edited it still nonetheless produces artifacts from editing changes interacting with the compression structure. So it's not going to equal processing a raw original.
it's not going to equal processing a raw original.

True. It does sound better than the incumbent/legacy compressed format. RAW is just such a pain, not even an option, when, in the field, one wants to edit something quick on a phone.

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