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Nov 4, 2012
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We're just released the first public beta of new application called Raw Exposure. It is not a raw converter and it does not modify image in any way. It is a an application for raw file exposure analysis. It can show individual pixel raw values, their histogram on photo scale, under/over exposure warnings. It has many practical applications. For example you can easily see how much highlights can be recovered from a raw file, estimate underexposure. Any feedback is very appreciated.

Raw Exposure

Disclaimer: I'm one of the Raw Exposure developers.
Looks like a Raw Digger clone. So how does or will it compare with Raw Digger?

I would say it is a Raw Digger for mere mortal photographers. I have been using Raw Digger for a long time and realized UI can be better for day to day usage.
Main differences:
- Native Mac application.
- Simplified and minimalist UI, focus on the exposure analysis.
- No floating windows. Single window UI, image preview on the left, raw histogram on the right.
- Raw values under cursor are immediately highlighted on the histogram.
- Properly EV scale interpolated raw histogram.
After downloading, I don't see any .exe file.
Is it MAC only or MAC/Windows?

For now it is Mac only.

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