1. P

    Recommendation for Nikon 1 V1 replacement

    Hello All, my partners birthday is coming up, and I'm considering gifting her a new camera. For roughly 10 years she is carrying around a Nikon 1V1 she got as a gift, so it has seen rough times. By now it has a broken screen, and other issues, so she is looking for a new one. She doesn't do...
  2. J

    What lens(es) would be best for taking pictures for a dating profile/social media?

    Looking for a lens(es) that can be used to take a mixture of headshot/upper body photos and fully body photos. Feel free to suggest more than one lens if one is better for portrait/upper body photos and a different one is better for full body photos
  3. M

    Which camera to buy for indoor home tutorials ?

    I need to film indoor tutorials. The room has large windows letting in daylight. the teacher will be in an armchair speaking. 2 to 3 metres distance between camera and subject. It is mostly fixed at this distance. No zooming or anything. I have 3-point lighting, so the next step is to...
  4. NGH

    A couple of days in New Orleans

    Hi I am planning a trip to New Orleans with my family in April of this year. I'll be taking my Olympus and probably one film camera. Wondering if anyone has any tips for the city in terms of good places to shoot; i know there are probably hundreds but wanted to see if you guys are familiar...
  5. NGH

    New laptop for Lightroom (and possibly Photoshop)

    I've been using an HP Envy 17inch for a number of years and been very happy with it. But it is showing signs of age (battery life and performance) and it's time to replace. I have never used a Mac and so don't really see that as an option for me (too stuck in my ways). I am currently looking at...
  6. M

    For anyone looking for a good DSLR camera

    Hi all, I recently had to replace my DSLR, Canon EOS Rebel XSI, due to the fact it gave me an error 99 message and could not be repaired. It was an 11-year-old ( released in April of 2008) camera and I had gotten it for free from a friend of my dad's who had used it for four or five years...
  7. J

    Greetings... (And Requesting Camera Recommendations)

    Hello everyone! I joined this forum to gain tips and knowledge as I set out to hone in on my practice in the area of photography. I'm currently looking at purchasing a camera, and a friend recommended a DSLR over mirrorless (for now). I told him I would be doing a lot of outdoor shots, mostly...
  8. A

    Camera rental recommendations

    What's the difference. It's my brother's wedding coming up and I like to dabble with photography. Didn't want to hire photographer, and frankly can't afford to buy a camera. Was looking at renting one off Fat Lama. But I didn't know which one to get. I was settled on the canon ones. But theres a...
  9. tbrooks

    Lens Recommendation- Blogger

    Hi there! I currently own a 50mm, and the 70-200mm. Those work great outdoors and for portraits, however I'm looking for a wide angle to add to my collection. I'm looking for some lens recommendations that fit my wishlist: 1) I take many photos inside my house since I'm a blogger, but I can...
  10. K

    Raw Photos Camera Recommendations

    Hi, I am looking for some advice or recommendations on cameras. I am not a professional photographer, I am an Interior Designer and would like to take pictures of my own work, a professional is not needed for every job. I have minimal experience with photography but have experience with...
  11. L

    Nikon 50mm 1.4g vs 1.8g. Which one should I buy?

    I'm looking forward to buy 50mm lens, but I can't decide which should I get 1.8g or 1.4. Please help
  12. L

    Portrait lens recommendations for Nikon D5200

    Hi. I have nikon d5200 with 18-55mm lens and i want to buy some equipment for professional photography. I'm looking forward to buy 50mm, 35mm and 85mm lenses. 85mm lens is a bit expensive so I'm looking for an alternative, cheaper version of it. Need some advices about it. Thanks :1247:
  13. D

    Im a photography beginner, is this a good deal? Iv always been interested in photography but only recently got enough spare cash to buy a camera and some equipment, my price range is blow $1000 so I just wanted...