Im a photography beginner, is this a good deal?


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Sep 16, 2015
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Iv always been interested in photography but only recently got enough spare cash to buy a camera and some equipment, my price range is blow $1000 so I just wanted to know if the bundle linked above is a good deal, I hope I posted this in the right place too!

Im also more interested in landscapes and scenery rather than people if that matters at all, thanks!
The "bundles" are not a good idea. There's a lot of junk grade accessories they're throwing in to pump up the perception that you're getting a lot -- but most of what you get (save the base camera and Canon lens) is extremely low quality.

The base camera & lens kit (skipping all the other accessories) will give you everything you need to start shooting *except* a memory card (you'll still need one of those.)

Good luck!
The same camera and lens from B&H Photo is $849.00 tonight, with a 16-gigabyte memory card. Canon EOS Rebel T5i DSLR Camera with 18-135mm Lens 8595B005 B&H So...this is not a huge ripoff kit, like some of them are; this one is actually price competitive with B&H Photo, but that's not surprising, since the one you linked us to is being sold by Ritz Camera.
Yeah, Ritz is at least a reasonably reputable camera chain store; I don't think it's a total rip off, or bait and switch, or other such nonsense. I suppose it depends on if that's a good starter lens or not; I don't use zoom lenses and am not familiar with that one so I don't know how good it would be or if there are better options.
Another good DSLR to start with is the Nikon D5500. But if you
learn to become a good photographer, you will be able to take
excellent pictures with almost any camera.
I just wanted to know if the bundle linked above is a good deal,
It's not a terrible deal, so I say go ahead and buy it.

Some of the extras are definitely in the "beginner" class, but you will enjoy learning about all the stuff.
Canon current have that camera with 18-135mm IS STM lens on sale ($150 off) for $850 +tax with free shipping
Canon EOS Rebel T5i EF-S 18-135mm IS STM Lens Kit | Canon Online Store

So anything above that should consider no so good deals unless you need all the listed stuff.

If you are okay with Factory Refurbished camera, Canon USA have that for $620
Canon EOS T5i 18-135mm IS STM Lens Kit Refurbished | Canon Online Store

Note: Canon used to say all refurbished digital cameras comes with 1 year warranty. But I could not find it this time. But you can call them to confirm if that is still the case or not.

If you go with the refurbished camera route, your $1000 budget can get you a better model (i.e. 70D)
Canon Refurbished EOS Digital SLR Cameras | Canon Online Store

My current camera is from them and was a refurbished (back with the refurbished camera only have 90 days warranty) via their Canon Loyalty program (it was about 20% off their refurbished price). I'd been using it for few years now and it works great so far.
I wouldn't bother to get this bundle, looks like they filled it with low quality stuff.
Another feedback is I wouldn't get the T5i, it has an old sensor in it, really old in technology standard, if you want to go Canon I wouldn't get anything bellow the T6i or T6S
You might also consider Nikon D5500, it has probably best cropped sensor in the market today with tons of dynamic range and excellent low light performance.
...Some of the extras are definitely in the "beginner" class, but you will enjoy learning about all the stuff.
All of the "extras" are junk. The screw on tele/wide-angle adapters are garbage, that tripod might hold up a cheap point & shoot (on a good day), the flash will likely be more of a pain than none at all, and probably has the same or less power than the camera's built-in flash.

SKIP THIS! Take your money and go to a real brick and mortar camera store, NOT a big box store that sells cameras, but one where at least some of the employees have grey hair, and don't look at you quizzically if you say "film". These are the people who can help you when you have questions about why something doesn't work, who can recommend useful accessories, etc, etc, etc.
Just to add one more point...

You could do photography with a point & shoot. Part of the reason for "upgrading" to a DSLR camera is the amount of control you have over the creativity of the shot. This involves being able to (eventually) acquire lenses with very low focal ratios. There's also the notion of the improved quality of the image you do capture due to the higher quality of the lenses and sensor.

If you then thread-on low-quality filters and tele-converts to the front of your lens, you degrade the quality of the image... which sort of defeats the whole point of wanting a better camera. That's sort of like buying a fast sports car and then chaining an anvil to the rear bumper.
I know we have all taken turns at slamming the inexpensive extras in those kits, but I fear we may be scaring off some beginners by telling them to buy a used model upgrade, and a certain lens, (of about three or four suggestions) and the beginner gets all nervous because he doesn't understand, and he already is stretching his budget, so he will become discouraged and might not come back. Since he isn't paying a great deal of money for the "extras", he will still have fun learning about all the "stuff".

In about a year, he will come on here again, asking why his photographs are not as good as some others he has seen. At that point one of the more experienced photographers will tell him to remove the cheap filters and tele-adapters from in front of his lens, and then he will understand. Just telling him now to skip the deal and look around for a better deal is going to be confusing at best, and discouraging in the worst case.
Thanks for all the info guys! I was worried that I wouldnt need most of the stuff/ it would just be cheap stuff and it looks like thats confirmed.

I think Ill go with what Dao said and try out a refurbished one if it has a warranty, that way I can get some other better quality stuff with the money I save.

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