Which camera to buy for indoor home tutorials ?


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Oct 13, 2020
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I need to film indoor tutorials.

The room has large windows letting in daylight.

the teacher will be in an armchair speaking.

2 to 3 metres distance between camera and subject.

It is mostly fixed at this distance. No zooming or anything.

I have 3-point lighting, so the next step is to choose a camera.

I am hoping for professional quality. (not a point-and-shoot camera).

Is there any advantage of getting a DSLR (with video) or a standard Video Camera ?

Are there any cameras which you would recommend for this?

I'm really hoping for a professional quality.

Budget: $400 to $1,500

I appreciate any help ;)

Have a look at the 6D Mark II for video blogging if 1080 will work. I use this camera for stills but apparently it is very good for video and my guess is you will find it at an extremely reasonable price now.
get all the DSLR you need at this store, personally tried it, highly recommended.

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