1. angelusagendi

    Best softbox for Fomito Godox de300?

    Hi! I'd love to hear your feedback and have you advise me on which softbox from these 3 I should get: 1. Godox SB-UE 80cm / 31.5in Portable Octagon Honeycomb: 2. Neewer Hexadecagon Softbox...
  2. angelusagendi

    1 strobe and one modifier under 300$ for the beginner.

    Hello everyone, Finally I am going to purchase one light with a modifier this week. Thank you for all your suggestions. So I want to buy one strobe light, strong enough to do a portrait beginner photoshoot at my home. And I prefer softbox over umbrella as light modifier. You suggested some...
  3. k.udhay

    Controlling light spill to get a very directional light

    I recently came across this image in insta: Instagram post by Photraits • Nov 6, 2017 at 1:22pm UTC The photographer has controlled the spill / direction of light so well that the corridor walls don't show any trace of this light at all. Can a grid on softbox focussed from center and above...
  4. angelusagendi

    Strobe lights vs umbrella cont.light vs softbox.Where to start for low budget first studio home kit?

    Dear Pro photographers, I read many postings about the first Photo Studio Kit for the Beginners, and many of you don't advise cheap lights from Amazon etc. However, not everyone can afford pro lights right away. Yes, we should save for the better equipment, but in theory if we have the budget...
  5. NedM

    [Serious] How can I improve this studio shot?

    Hey guys. I'm finally diving into the world of working in a studio environment. I recently shot with a model in my studio the other day and when I put the images onto my computer I noticed a lot of discrepancies. Here's a shot straight from the camera: STUDIO SHOT Camera settings: Canon EOS...
  6. Kroneberger0408

    Lighting help?

    So I want to start doin more portraits at home. Maybe set up a small studio type setup on my house. Mostly Im having a baby in August and I really want some good soft light to use when taking photos of the baby. What kind of lighting should I start with? Umbrella or softbox? Suggestions for a...
  7. A

    Before I buy my first softbox (help needed)

    Hi guys, if you could help me with this, I would be very grateful, thank you. Wanting to take my images to the next level, I looked into softboxes and found this big beauty on ebay for €60. It's Godox 120cm/47", with grid: GODOX 120cm / 47" Octagon Softbox With Honeycomb Grid For Studio Flash...
  8. D

    How to build overhead softbox for garage

    To start off, I'm not a photographer. I build custom motorcycles and much of my marketing is showing process through iphone photos. The lighting in my shop is pretty spotty so I'm looking to build in 2 or 3 large diffused light panels like you see over cars at the auto show. Only much cheaper...
  9. Thomas Cross

    Lighting Kit Advice. I have $2000!

    Help! I am new to studio photography and I want to buy a lighting kit from B&H or some other shop and get started on photographing people! I don't exactly have any idea on what I am doing, and I hear that a 3 light or 2 light monolight setup with a softbox is standard for portrait and full body...
  10. k.udhay

    Specifications of softbox

    Hi, I want to buy one softbox to use with my flash YN560III. How do I decide on this? What are the general specifications of a softbox? Do all softboxes go with all external flashes? Do softboxes come with the tripod-like stand or to be purchased separately? Thanks.
  11. redbourn

    Lighting tips for shooting food straight down ?

    I should get an arm for my tripod within the next couple of days which will enable me to shoot facing straight down. I have a one light set up - a softbox and reflectors. Any tips on the lighting would be much appreciated and also what to avoid would be very helpful. Thanks.
  12. redbourn

    2nd attempt at Pabellón Criollo

    First attempt, I ended up with blown out white rice the first time Spent more time getting this better. Moving camera, softbox and reflector. Don't know if seeing edge of table was a good idea, but a five minute fix in PS I used a slightly gray plate. Michael
  13. kitkatdubs

    What kind of softbox should I get?

    I am looking to improve my inside shots, so I've decided to look into buying some sort of lighting. I have a Canon 50D with various lenses (fixed: 24mm and 50mm -- and then the default one that came with the camera). I'd like to take some product shots and other various people shots inside...
  14. redbourn

    Using a softbox

    I just set up my new softbox and reflector for the second time today to try and get an idea of how to use them for food photography. I learned yesterday that putting the softbox closer to the food seems to work better. I had it further away yesterday and got a lot of reflected light from the...
  15. P

    Best materials make softbox to diffuse 850nm IR

    I want to make an 850nm ir softbox diffuser, what would be the best materials to use? Since ir goes through materials more than visible light. It will be stationary so I don't mind of the materials are heavier than those used in standard softboxes.
  16. tgalloway

    New Gear for Smartphone Shots

    So...I'm new on this forum, but I think I'll stick around. I'm a sort of "real" photographer, I guess. I've shot model and product shots am-professionally for work, and plenty of family shots over the years. Canon 7D is my main camera. Prosumer, I guess and not full frame, but a very decent...