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Sep 22, 2015
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So...I'm new on this forum, but I think I'll stick around. I'm a sort of "real" photographer, I guess. I've shot model and product shots am-professionally for work, and plenty of family shots over the years. Canon 7D is my main camera. Prosumer, I guess and not full frame, but a very decent camera. I also shoot more and more on my G4, since it shoots RAW and has a surprisingly good sensor.

I recently launched a Kickstarter for a smartphone camera light. If you, like me, shoot quite a bit on your phone and want a nice softbox or night and low light shots, you might like this. I don't ask for support. I'm only suggesting you check it out, in case it matches some or your photography needs.

Otherwise, I'm going to post some galleries of what I shoot and let you all tear it up. This forum seems as good a place as any to learn from my betters. Cheers - Tommy.
crowdfunding links not allowed per forum rules. sorry.
feel free to discuss products you feel are needed though, and if you prefer your g4 you can always post in the cell phone picture section.
Sorry. I did look at the Terms and Rules first before posting and didn't see anything. No ill intent was meant.

I do love my G4, though not as much as my 7D!
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